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What is wrong with the education system today, in your opinion?

What is wrong with the education system today, in your opinion?

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7 Answers

Nick Yavorski

Nick Yavorski

Answered on Oct 11, 2018

Recently I have found problems

1. Parents are not involved enough.

2. Schools are closing left and right.

3. Our schools are overcrowded.

4. Technology comes with its downsides.

5. There is a lack of diversity in gifted education.

6. School spending is stagnant, even in our improving economy.

7. There is a lack of teacher education innovation.

8. 80 percent of students are graduating high school...yet less than half of these students are ready for what's next.

9. Some students are lost to the school-to-prison pipeline.

10. There is a nationwide college-gender gap, and surprisingly, we are not focusing on it.

Meanwhile you can find any information in google, that why now education isn't important, most important thing is your motivation for self development. Also some companies can give to you education. I understand my education is my problem and I can solution it. Good luck you!



Answered on Mar 28, 2018

There are various problems that exist with the education system today, and hence it needs to undergo a massive change. The most significant problem is that the modern education system often uproots the children from the real practical world. In other words, it makes them adjust in a totally artificial world throughout their school as a result of which the students often receive a mental shock upon entering the practical world.

This usually makes them feel like they have not really achieved anything during their schooling and can have a negative impact on their self-confidence in the real world.



Replied on Apr 03, 2018


Daisy Rowley

Computer science teacher of Cybersecurity

Daisy Rowley, daisyrowley, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Answered on Nov 06, 2018

1. We need to make assistive technology more available for students with disabilities.

2. We need to consider how school security measures affect students.

2. We are still wrestling the achievement gap.



Answered on Apr 17, 2018

The problem lies in the fact that children are not taught about their extensive sexualities. for example, I am a vegan pansexual, and I didn't even know what that meant until a few days ago. for the record, I am 59 years old, so it's saddening that I didn't know who I was until now. the education system must be crushed, and a totalitarian communist regime must be imposed. long live Stalin.



Answered on Apr 03, 2018

I believe that technolodgy will only teach those who are educated. I believe humanity will teach everyone. I believe both technolodgy ,and humanity are of equal importantance.Here is a fact written in 2010,from the medical boasrd af Docctors. The second leading cause of death in teenagers "is SUICIDE". Suicide is THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DEATH IN COLLEGE STUDENTS. I think technolodgy has caused social retardation. I guess the best way to show my example was taught my first phycology course phy,101...Nature VS Nurture.



Answered on Sep 16, 2019

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Answered on Jan 17, 2019

Hi!I think the main problem isinconsistency with modern conditions, you can read more about that in my article at Samedaypapers. Also, I would addlack of teacher education innovation and diversity in gifted education, as Nick said.

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