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J. Lautner

To understand fission track dating, you must first understand what fission tracks are. Fission tracks are linear structures formed in rock crystals. They form due to the spontaneous radioactive decay of U-238(Uranium) into two Pd-119(Palladium) daughter atoms. These structures are extremely...

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T. Wikati

Biomechanics is the science that applies the simple Newtonian laws of physics to gait related activities. There are various analytical experiments that are done with the help of biomechanical theories.

The main use of biomechanics in sports for analysis of an athlete’s physical...

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Have you ever heard the concept of CSR and its role in today’s associations? Did you ever try to figure out how this social responsibility associations work and what are their viewpoints? If not, let me tell you about it in detail.

The idea of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)...

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G. Horace

Have you ever gone through a situation where you just entered into your kitchen for some work and suddenly you forgot for what purpose you visited that place? Or you are searching for your phone everywhere in your house and that phone is in your pocket. Worst case, you even fail to recall your...

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J. Pollock

Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa holds the Guinness World Record for the highest known insurance valuation in history. It has been painted between the years 1503 to 1506 and it is also said that Leonardo worked on it till late 1517s.

It is rumored to be a painting of Lisa...

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J. Pollock

Lolita culture’s initial motive was a reaction against the strict norms that Japanese culture forced on people and the rebellion against traditional gender roles. It was an escape to childhood where everything was perfect and everything went the way they wanted it. It was also a way to...

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H. Reyes

The forbidden question I’ve been waiting for has been asked. And the answer is a big bad YES!

Rap was always supposed to be talking about your own struggles, experiences and how you got through them. Rap is an extremely personal form of a musical genre which adds to its uniqueness...

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M. Parker

Although there are many numbers in the Bible with distinct significance and representation, the luckiest number is 7 in the Bible. The reason behind this is totally based on beliefs and devotion of the people.

Number 7 is called God’s number as God is the only one who is...

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Dyslexia is a neurological based condition which is often hereditary and it results in problems with reading writing and spelling. It is usually associated with difficulties in concentration short term memory and organization.

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Web Team

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Turkey was a country first. The bird got its name from the country. The region which was inhabited by the Turks was called Turkey. But what is astonishing is how a North American bird got its name from a country straddling Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

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