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G. Horace

Oh! This is an excellent question. Well, the answer that follows is technically just speculation. To truly know what’ll happen in the absence of nitrogen is impossible. You do mention that only nitrogen from the air has disappeared. So we will assume that other nitrogen-based compounds do...Read More

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J. Lautner

Of Course, we can! Christmas is not only wrapped up in materialism - receiving loads of presents from Santa Claus, but it also focuses on spending good time with family, friends, and dear ones. Christmas is meant for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And on this auspicious o...Read More

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According to the recorded history, the first Christmas was celebrated on 25 December 336 under the regime of the first Christian Roman emperor “Constantine”. Pope Julius (I) was the pope who settled the date 25th December. Christmas celebrates the birth of the son of Zeus...Read More

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T. Wikati

Few days are left for the whole world to come alive to celebrate the much-awaited and action-packed New Year’s Eve. As time is passing, people might plan to enjoy and commemorate this precious moment with their loved ones. Nobody wants to miss the new year as this comes once a year and it...Read More

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J. Pollock

Compoundor catadioptrictelescopesare hybridtelescopesthat have a mix of refractor and reflector elements in their design. ... The Schmidttelescopehad a primary mirror at the back of thetelescope, and a glass corrector plate in the front of thetelescopeto remove spherical aberration. These...Read More

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W. Pratt

Want to learn new things and share my knowledge

No one remains unaffected by depression as it affects people of every age group. Adults, children, teenagers, even older ones can get depressed. One study shows that almost one out of four young people experience depression before reaching the age of 19. However, childhood depres...Read More

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Web Team

We are developing a website.

Well, Turks were called the people who used to live in the Ottoman empire which existed between 1300-1922. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire due to the loss in the World War 1, the empire was dissolved the Republic of Turkey came into existence. However, the bird name "Turkey" is a nat...Read More

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Because youa crying and you need to not cry so you popualrrrr

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People almost always think that any flower that they smell will smell sweet. Instead, there are some flowers that don’t smell at all and never will. There are other flowers that may smell great, but they do not smell great to others even though they are the same flower. However, the...Read More

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