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Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest tech giants. Out of the two, Facebook was started as ‘FaceMash,’ a social networking platform in July 2003, which later was changed to ‘The Facebook’ on 4th February 2004. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard roommates. Whereas, Instagram, on the other hand, is a photo and video social networking service, founded and released by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on 6th October 2010. Anyhow, Instagram is now owned by Facebook. Both the services are cross-platform, available on every OS possible.

Now when it comes to the differences between both the services, there are a few. Let’s have a look at them :

  • The Basic difference is that Facebook is all about building new connections and communicating with people, either strangers or your friends. Likewise, Instagram can let you follow anyone that fits in your mental scenario. It can also be used as a portfolio to showcase your artwork, may that be your photographs, writing, or illustrations.

  • Even though Facebook is an older platform, with 2.37 billion monthly active users, Instagram rose to fame much faster and serves 1 billion monthly active users as of now.

  • Instagram’s UI is much more appealing comparatively, plus it’s expanding its horizon to make it more friendly. Facebook’s UI is turning out to be dated like it was in 2012 or so. If you don’t think likewise, Why do you think Facebook bought Instagram then? ;)

  • A commendable advantage that Facebook has over Instagram is that you can run and promote your business over Facebook through pages, communities, and Marketplace, that makes it more versatile than Instagram, though almost all of the remaining features are likewise on both the platforms.

When it comes down to which one is better? Then I’d say both have an extensive user base and are improving in every way possible, it’s all a question of personal preferences of how you are conditioned to operate. It’s up to you, the user. Choose Wisely!

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Are you one of them who is confused and can’t decide which cost-effective places should you go during vacations in the U.S. However, there are numerous affordable and attractive destinations in America where you can go. For that, you just need to read this answer carefully. Here, I am going to provide you America’s top-level and low-cost travel (not in ascending/descending order) destinations. Take a look at them:

  • Salt Lake City: The Great Salt Lake is one of the biggest attractions in Utah’s capital city. It costs just $3 per car. You can also visit the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and Hogle Zoo that are also inexpensive.

  • San Antonio: It offers a variety of options for the entire family that includes the River Walk, Alamo, and Tower of the Americas. It is one of the great options for a low-cost vacation in the U.S.

  • Jacksonville, Florida: This city has many affordable attractions that will keep you entertained when you get bored of all the things. You can see the beautiful artwork of the Cummer Museum with a lovely outdoor garden. Kids will love to visit Jacksonville Zoo.

  • Daytona, Florida: You can visit Daytona beach and very beautiful museums here during your vacation. When you’re done, you can see a live show at the Daytona Playhouse at cheap cost.

  • Phoenix: Here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of legendary golf courses and a few interesting sights like historic Tovrea Castle and the odd, and human-made mystery castle. And the Desert Botanical Garden enhances the beauty of Phoenix. To reach this place, you can travel via bus or valley metro rail and it will lie within your budget. Accommodations are under $100 per night.

Rest depends on your budget and preferences where you want to go to spend your holidays.

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Reading is one of the most intelligent things that you can adapt in your day-to-day life. It can shape or break one’s preceding perspective towards certain aspects that matter the most to us. Now the question asked should be “How to be an avid reader?” and “What to read if you’re coming from an imbecile background?”or "Where to start?" in simpler terms.

To answer the first question, there’s only one-word “Flexibility.” You’ve got to be flexible in terms of mindset while reading anything if you’re reading and trying to understand from your perspective, then this could account for either losing interest in reading or getting to a conclusion that’s somewhat different from the meaning that it implies.

  • If I summarise it in simpler terms, you have to keep everything aside before reading something (and by everything I mean your preceding beliefs and perspective), then only you will understand the writer’s perspective. Once you do this, then you can decide which one was better, your old perspective or the newer one. It helps. Trust me.

  • Doing this will let you dive into a world that’s opposite to what you’ve already known. Now your interest will pace up, and you will find yourself looking for excuses to read anything, books especially.

Now for the second one, If you have no prior experiences/ interests in reading books in general, then I would recommend you to give it a try, maybe you like it, perhaps not. I get it if you don’t. Everyone has different tastes in life, but the funny thing is, there’s one for everyone, an infinite amount of genres. The world of books is vast and full of perks. Just Google the style of your choice, and hopefully, you’ll find the one. Just give it a go at least once. You’ve got nothing to lose buddy, Cheers!! 🍻

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According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is one of the most common severe diseases in the world. As per this foundation, there is about 12 percent of people in America who suffer from migraine headaches. Migraines are different from common problems and can impact your daily life. So, it needs to be treated on time.

Though migraines can't be cured permanently, there are some of the natural or home remedies to prevent it to some extent. Just go through these medications and see what benefits you.

  • Change Your Diet Plan: Stop eating the types of food which can trigger a migraine. For example, processed foods, red wine alcohol, etc. Try to include omega-3 foods (nuts, seeds, salmon fish), magnesium-rich foods (spinach, almonds, black beans, bananas, and sweet potatoes), and protein-rich foods (grains, beans, and nuts) in your diet. This type of food can control your blood flow and lower the risk of migraine headache.

  • Use Ginger: Researchers have found that using ginger during a migraine is comparable to sumatriptan, a common migraine drug. Using ginger is highly effective, and it doesn't hurt. There are no side effects of using ginger unless and until you have an allergy.

  • Yoga Practicing: Yoga is believed to be a stress-reliever tool that helps in improving blood flow and reducing muscle tension, which in turns lowers the risks of occurring migraine headache in people. Researchers have found that practicing yoga can help in reducing the migraine problem to some extent.

  • Lead A Stress-Free Life: Stress directly triggers a migraine. It can also worsen the migraine pain making it unbearable. To lead a stress-free life, you can start doing meditation and exercise. It might help you to prevent future migraines.

Hope this answer helps!

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The word OK might be one of the most versatile and commonly used expressions in the English language. In fact, people rarely fail to use it while writing a paragraph in English, including me. The reason is very simple, OK is a word that can be used as a noun, a verb, an interjection, and an adjective.

Being an adjective, OK denotes for 'adequate or acceptable'. When used as an interjection, it denotes 'compliance or agreement'. And it means 'assent' when it is used as a noun. It is also said that OK can be used as a loanword 😮 in other languages.

It basically stands for “Oll Korrect”, “Ole Kurreck” or “Orl Korrekt” a word slightly different from “All Correct” in Greek. Though there have been various theories given by various scholars on the full of the word OK, none of them has been finalized. It includes from Scottish ‘och aye’ and then native Choctaw Indian term ‘okeh’ (it is so) to French phrase ‘aux Cayes’(Cayes was a port known for its rum). In Greece, OK stands for “Ola Kala” which means all is well👍.

However, the correct full form of the word OK is still not known. People use it as per their choice and need in their sentence to express their expressions. Earlier this question, I didn’t even know that OK word might have a full form. LOL🤣!

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Being in LDR (Long Distance Relationship) and maintaining that love spark is like winning a war. One simple reason might be that this kind of relationship takes a lot of work. However, such relationships can be good for someone, if it is managed properly on all fronts. A relationship takes work and LDR’s are no different.

To sustain a long distance relationship, the couples have to be connected, committed, loyal, and of course, a little creative. Distances don’t matter if you are deeply in love with someone unless you’re not connected with each other. Although 14 million couples out of the total world’s population i.e. 7.6 billion, are in a long distance relationship, only a few of them take their relationship to the next level. There are some particular long distance relationship problems due to which they could not succeed, which leads people to take less interest in these relationships.

  • Communication Gap: Couples in a long distance relationship, don’t get sufficient time to express their love for each other. You can call it a communication gap. Due to busy schedules, different time zones etc, couples are not able to give time to each other.

  • Trust Issues: Trust issues are common in all relationships but distance multiplies it proportionally. It is the major reason for unsuccessful long distance relationships. People in LDR have more tendency to doubt their partners and its simply because of insecurities.

  • Lack of intimacy: A sexless relationship can frustrate and depress both the partners as they don’t get to spend quality time with other. Intimacy is required to have a healthy relationship and the lack of it is a common problem in many relationships.

Seriously, it’s one tough challenge to survive and achieve happiness in a long distance relationship.

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Are you the kind of person who keeps thinking, “He/She likes me! He/She likes me not!” throughout the night? Are you totally confused about the mixed and provoking signals which you receive from your crush?

Well, there is no exact and defined sign to find out whether your crush likes you or not. However, there are some clues via which you would be able to know if your crush likes you back or not to some extent.

Let’s talk about those signs in no particular order:

  • Does your crush secretly stare at you when you’re not looking at him/her? If yes, that means they’re crushing hard on you too and your crush is interested in you.

  • Try to figure out how does your crush feel when you’re around him/her. If that person gets tensed or behaves unexpectedly, there might be the chances that you’ve won the battle.

  • Your crush will send you flirtatious messages if he/she is having the same feeling for you from their side. He/she will never ignore your messages and will reply back to your messages as soon as possible.

  • Did you ever find your crush making excuses only to spend time with you? If yes, he/she is crushing on you.

  • Your crush will try every possible way to impress you. He/she will try to do everything to win you over. Then, my friend, it is the sign that your crush likes you back.

Also, you can play this quiz to figure out Does Your Crush Like You?

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No, you can’t die from general anesthesia 🧐. Modern-day anesthesia is very safe. Although, it can cause serious injuries in rare and extreme cases where its administration goes wrong. It has a very low probability, around 1 in 7 million 😊.

Basically, in general anesthesia, patients are put in a sleep-like state before going for any medical treatment or surgery by giving an injection. General anesthesia is far away from going nearly dead state. It’s just the fear of patients that kills them as they believe they will never wake up from this artificial sleep 😵.

However, some people might face some of the potential side effects of general anesthesia such as temporary memory loss, headache, nausea, vomiting, sore throat etc. You might be shocked to know that even ill patients can undergo general anesthesia safely. In fact, the risk of having any of the above-mentioned side effects doesn’t depend on the type of anesthesia but on the type of procedure you are undergoing and your overall physical health.

Note: None of the side effects caused by anesthesia are ever-lasting or long term effects. They last for a few hours or one to two days 😊.

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That’s actually a really adorable comparison. Marie Kondo is good, great in fact but she is no Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart has been organizing homes for at least 2 decades. She is the woman who literally brought the entire lifestyle industry into the forefront of television. Marie and Martha are not exactly similar because where they concentrate their energies is completely different.

Martha started her career with cookbooks and then turned to home decor. She is what you would call a lifestyle guru. She keeps changing her point of concentration and is never just focused on one aspect of lifestyle. Martha spends her time on everything from folding towels to choosing the perfect couch to match the walls.

Whereas Marie Kondo is more concentrated on decluttering and as her show calls it “Tidying Up”. Marie Kondo has a relatively young career. Marie is also indirectly an advocate of minimalism and concentrates her energy as such.

Marie Kondo’s theories are based on simplicity and cleaning while Martha is so spread out in the lifestyle and cooking industry that simplicity is just one of the many concepts she follows. It’ll take years before Marie can reach Martha’s level and even that is farfetched speculation. Despite everything, Kondo’s tips are actually really nice.

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Euclidean geometry is the study of shapes, sizes, and positions based on the principles and assumptions stated by Greek Mathematician Euclid of Alexandria. It is also called the geometry of flat surfaces. Euclidean geometry is limited to the study of straight lines and objects usually in a 2d space. In practice, Euclidean geometry cannot be applied to curved spaces and curved lines.

Euclid’s geometrical mathematics works under set postulates (called axioms). Euclid’s axioms were considered the base of mathematics related to geometry for almost 2000 years until Einstein’s theory of relativity offset his theories and proved his postulates wrong in relative dimensions of geometry.

The entire bulk of Euclidean geometry is based on 5 axioms or assumptions:

  1. A straight line joins two points

  2. A straight line can be elongated on both sides to infinity

  3. A circle can be made if a point is given as the center and a measure is given for its radius

  4. All right angles are equal

  5. If a straight line intersects two lines the interior angles on the same sides will always have a sum less than 90∘.

Any system that violates the said axioms comprises non-Euclidean geometry.

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