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Currency roll-up summary fields from opportunity products to an opportunity use the dated exchange rate
The converted amount of an opportunity uses dated exchange rates based on the close date of the opportunity.
Advanced currency management can be enabled or disabled in the organization...
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Immunity is the ABSOLUTE Resistance to a pathogen considering that person has an INTACT IMMUNITY while susceptibility is the DEGREE of resistance. Degree of resistance means how well would the individual combat the pathogens and repel infection or invasion of these disease...
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Verify the field-level security for the industry field is not set to “Read Only” on the user profiles
Verify the industry field is set as required on all the account page layouts assigned to the users

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Is a messaging backbone for building distributed applications
Is a distributed commit log for communication between services

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Increase the use of dynamic content in emails ->Personalize email whenever possible

Adopt a Cart Abandonment Email Campaign ->Did they abandon before they bought?

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