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Distance, like every other quantity, has many units. It can be measured in meters, in kilometers and so on. However, the international system of units gave each quantity a specific unit. The ...

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Superman came from an alien planet called Krypton.

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Crocodiles are animals that people are very scared of. They should be. Getting too close to a crocodile could result in some deadly consequences. The main way that a crocodile kills its prey ...

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Some people may think that sneezing is very harmless but trying to stop a sneeze can be very hard to do and can be dangerous to the body. Sneezing too hard can sometimes cause the spine to become ...

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A gravitational force is the attractive force between two separate bodies. Gravity is related to mass so the more significant the mass, the greater the gravitational force it exerts on other ...

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Temperature of a cigarette end is normally 400C. Inhaling a drag increases its temperature to 900°C.

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Why the Pigs cannot look at the sky in a standing position. Their necks are not flexible enough to let them look upwards at the sky. Unless the roll over with their backs on the ground, it is ...

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Fish scales contain certain substances which emit a kind of shimmer. This substance is used in lipsticks and nail polishes to give out a shimmery effect on application.

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Golf balls have dimples because it improves its flight. When a golf ball is hit, air clings to its indentations and creates turbulence which increases its speed. Not just that it decreases the ...

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1. The test was performed less than 10 days after an abortion

2. The test was performed too early or too late in the pregnancy

3. The urine sample was stored too long at room temperature

4. A spontaneous abortion or a missed abortion is impending

The test was performed less than 10 days after an abortion

A false-positive reaction can occur if the pregnancy test is performed less than 10 days after an abortion. Performing the tests ...

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