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Homework. It’s not something everyone likes to do, but when it comes to opening a small business, doing your homework is vital. Why? So, whether you’re still dreaming of starting your business, or you already have a business plan and funding lined up, here are some questions y...Read More

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Ozone layer is not constant. The ozone in the layer continuously forms and continuously breaks down. The emission of CFC’s had increased the rate of its breakdown which led to its depletion in the past.

So if we consider creating ozone artificially, then it has to be created...
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Some people tend to nauseate while sitting at the back of a moving car. This happens because a discrepancy occurs between their visual perception and their vestibular perception. The things inside the car appear stationary to them but their bodies register the motion. The conflict between their...Read More

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Moon is not indispensable for existence of life on Earth. However its absence can surely alter the way the Earth functions. Moon’s gravitational pull is responsible for high tides and low tides. If there was no moon there wouldn’t have been any high tides and low tides. But tides still...Read More

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Before the feature of snooze was introduced in clocks, they had a standardized configuration. The snooze button was introduced, its apparatus had to be collaborated with existing configurations of clocks. The clock engineers had two options for snooze configurations. Either to configure it in a...Read More

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Epidermis forms the outermost layer of the skin. It contains keratin which is a protein that moistens skin and hair. The outermost layer of the epidermis constitutes dead keratin cells and is called stratum corneum.

When the skin of toes and fingers are kept in contact with water for a...
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Hiccups are simultaneous contractions of diaphragm and larynx (voice box). This contraction closes the glottis and blocks the passage of air intake. But there is nothing really frightening about hiccups. They occur in bouts and go away themselves without any treatment and do not cause any negative...Read More

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There are many ways to prove that earth is round. One of them is observing a ship emerge from a long distance from the sea to the shore. The ship will appear to come up from beneath the water to the surface. This happens because the earth is round. Had it been a flat surface the ship would have...Read More

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No living being dies of old age. When animals grow old and their cell division process deteriorates which creates problems in their bodily functions. Cell degeneration paves way for illnesses and diseases which ultimately becomes the cause of their death. For plants, age does not hinder their cell...Read More

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No, germs cannot rule out each other however, they could delay the onset of the effect of other germs. This is due to the carrier of the germs thus the more effective germ will make you notice its effect first and this does not mean that the other germ will go unnoticed and it will also do its...Read More

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