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The equation E=mc2 was formulated by the great physicist Albert Einstein. Matter contains energy. To quantify this relationship, equation E=mc2 had been formulated. It states the correlation of...

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The thickest part of the human skin is present in the palms of the hands and in the soles of the feet.

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Actually connecting with Alpha Hard Reload takes time. How do aces smoke out outstanding Alpha Hard Reload desires? Neither a borrower nor a lender be.This is simply going to...

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Had earth been a cube instead of being a sphere, gravity would have been strongest at the centre of the earth. All the water and atmosphere would have been situated at the centre of the earth as...

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The month of February is observed as the Black History Month or the African American History month in the US, Canada and the UK. Initially the the second week of February was observed as the Negro...

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The Greek God of war was Ares, son of Zeus and Hera. He was one of the most violent characters in the Greek mythology. He represented the aspect of physical fighting in wars.

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In a standard deck of 52 playing cards, the only king card not to have a mustache is the king of hearts. This is because a lot of people tend to associate the heart with being the most pure organ...

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Ice cream is a sweet and frozen dessert. It was not invented by one person. It evolved from a basic mix of snow and sweet edible foods to become what it is today. According to historical records...

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Television was invented by Charles Francis Jenkins and John Logie Baird independently. Baird and Jenkins both televised moving silhouettes for the first time publicly in the year 1925. At that time...

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Audrey Hepburn has won the maximum number of Oscars. She has won four Oscars for her movies, Morning Glory, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter and On Golden Pond.

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