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The term "Coffin" came from the French word "Cofin". Well, the history of coffin goes back to the ancient Egyptian times. Coffins are mostly used by two prominent religions "Christianity" and "Islam".

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Camels are unique animals who possess some distinctive features and are drastically different from other species. From their nose to feet, camels are amazing and perfectly suited creatures for deserts. Be it harsh environment, sandstorm or hot winds, camels can survive in any condition. Sometimes, you might wonder how do they protect themselves in such drastic conditions? Let us figure it out.

Camels are believed to have some special adaptive features including its hump, feet, long hair, nostrils, and special eyelids, unlike other animals.

Camels are gifted with three eyelids and two layers of eyelashes which aide them in sandstorms. The long eyelashes catch most of the sand and dust during sandstorms allowing them a clear vision for treading the sandy dunes. Their nostrils also prevent them from inhaling dust during sandstorms. Besides these things, camels also have strong lips which avoid dust from getting into their mouth. Truly camels are the ships of the desert.

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, the creation of the diamond may be less than glamorous. It is made of carbon. When carbon begins to crystalize, the diamond is about to be born. Graphite is also a part of the making of the diamond because it is associated with carbon.

Unlike diamonds that are considered to be precious, carbon is actually abundant in the Earth. Graphite also is used to make the lead in pencils.

Carbon is also used to make different types of textiles. It is difficult to believe that diamonds and cotton actually come from the same element in the ground. Also, silk, hemp, and cashmere are also made from carbon polymers. Then these things are turned into clothing.

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The Domimican Republic was founded before Puerto Rico; the Castle built there was much smaller than Port Au Prince; the Castle on Dominican Republiceventually became a.... Cathedral.

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Sweden, a Scandinavian Country has not fought any war since 1814, which was with Norway and is also known as the "Campaign against Norway". Sweden has never been occupied since 1523 and has not attacked any country since 1814. In the 17th century, Sweden was a major military power and at its height, the Swedish empire used to rule parts of current time Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Norway. However, in 1810, King Carl XIV made critical changes in Swedish foreign policy and since then Sweden has adopted a policy of neutrality in all conflicts. Sweden was able to maintain the policy of neutrality even during the two World Wars.

Although the policy of neutrality has been sometimes stretched, for instance in WW1 the main source of revenue for Swedish economy was export of Iron products to German empire so it kept on exporting the Iron to Germany and in WW2 when Germany invaded Poland, Sweden was put in a peculiar situation as there was a consensus among the Swedish general population to support the Allies, however Sweden was able to hold itself from getting involved in the bloody conflict.

However it debatable whether the Swedish state still maintains it's policy of Neutrality as it entered various mutual defense treaties with the European Union(EU) in 2009. After the end of the rule of the conservative party after their defeat in 2014 elections, the liberal party has promised not to enter in any form of military alliance with NATO and continue their long-standing policy of Neutrality.

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Scar lett

The correct answer to this question is Albert Einstein. He is a physicist, who coined the term. This is a formula, which correlates energy to mass. When he originally wrote the question, he wrote it as m=L/c2. The L represented Lagrangian, which is a general form of energy.

Each letter in the equation represents something. The E represents energy and it is measured in Joules. This measurement is measured as kg x m2/s2, which stands for kilograms times meters squared per seconds squared. M stands for the mass of an object. Lastly, C is a representation of the speed of light.

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The thickest part of the human skin is located in the soles of the feet or on the knee

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The World is flat ! It would have 4 corners !

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