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Zombie Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The very best zombie book of all times is "Night of the Living Dead" by George Romero. He was a genius in how he crated the little monsters and brought all the emotion into play too. His highly created plot line and his way of story telling made the book the best of all times. Not only did Romero put together the best zombie book ever, he went on to write a movie about the book, also entitled "Night of the Living Dead".

Together, the two have made history and have started a craze in everything from video games to television drama shows. The book has just enough of everything in it. It's a well-blanced thriller that has earned its spot in history. Interestingly, the word zombie was not actually used. It was a term given later by fans.

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Could a zombie apocalypse really ever happen? Well, sure it could...if there were really zombies. But since, at least at this time, there is no such thing as zombies, the chance of a zombie apocalpse taking place is next to none. In the event that zombie surfaced and began to walk the earth, an end of the earth as it is known would surely take place. That would be considered an apocalypse.

In fact, odds are that it would be inevitable for the world to end. It would be easy to spread through the same ways zombies would spread it, through water, air, and sexual contact. So that aspect of it is not far fetched. Many think that the end of life on earth will end in a pandemic or similar situation so minus the zombies, that's pretty close to the scenario.

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The first real zombie is indeed from "Night of the Living Dead" or at least zombies as we know them. There have been other books that touched on what might be considered to be a zombie, but none has ever brought them to life like George Romero did in his book and in his movie too.

It is impossible to know, however, what books may have been written that no one ever mentioned or maybe that no one even read. Who creates what in their minds? Was Romero the first to ever have the concept of the dead coming back to life and walking around? Doubtfully. The main thing is that "Night of the Living Dead" introduced the zombies that started the zombie craze of present day and should therefore be given the credit.

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Zombies are all the rage these days. From video games to movies and television shows, people can't seem to get enough of the walking dead, so to speak. Who introduced the concept through? George Romero was the author of the book "Night of the Living Dead" that brought zombie right into our living room when a movie with the same name was written by him too. Between the move and the book, zombies became very popular.

They are now the subject of many shows and books and are topics of everyday conversations too. It is interesting to wonder if George Romero had a clue what he was started when he dreamed zombies up and presented them to the world.

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While anything that has to do with Zombie Apocalypse will forever be fiction to me, I think the military has a lot of resources that can be used to put an end to the zombie outbreak. If zombies are exactly like how they are being portrayed in movies, video games, books, then I think there is no need to doubt the capacity of the military to deal with them. The military is equipped with different models of machine guns. This alone can stop a zombie apocalypse.

If you have watched any zombie movie, they don't usually move very slow whenever they are in a group, especially when they are targeting prey. Machine guns will be useful because they can release hundreds of bullets in a minute. The military also has access to mines. This alone can kill hundreds of zombies at a time. While human beings are intelligent enough to detect a minefield, zombies are not that intelligent.

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I disagree, this item is actually true, in bo2 zombies when you pack on town you get a random attachment from it, but i dont know what a vending machine is, unless you mean perk machine. any ways this is just my question of why that isnt a thing in your quiz.


-Quiz taker

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It is said that to kill a zombie, it must be done in a very specific way. However, what makes them so powerful is that they are already dead. There is really nothing that you can do to them, other than put a bullet in one specific area. This could be harder than it seems, as there is no rhyme or reason to what they are doing. Outside of this “superpower” there is nothing spectacular about them. Zombies are, in and of themselves, on the lower rung of the horror chain.

The fact that they are already dead means that they are unable to feel pain. They have no human thought or emotion. Regardless of recent culture trying to “humanize” zombies, they are unable to achieve that emotion. To have any range of emotion or use of their senses, they would have to be alive. As zombies are “undead” they do not have control of their senses or be able to use them.

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There are a number of theories as far as what caused the zombie apocalypse. One is that it was a virus outbreak. That makes a lot of sense and many cling to that believe because the exact cause may never actually be known in its entirety. Another thought is that the parasites killed their hosts. No matter the exact underlying cause, the end result was a virus indeed. It was transitted through the air, water, sexual contact, and by many other ways too.

In reality, it is possible for things to spread in those types of ways. Germs, viruses, and even chemical warfare could all be contagious through a number of ways very similar to these. While the though of a zombie apacalypse is scary to think about, it is purely fiction. it?

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The very first zombie movie was released in 1932. Directed by Victor Halperin, White Zombie ushered in a new era in Hollywood. The silent film era was over, and many of the studios were looking for new and exciting things to bring the public. The movie was a mishmash of other films. If one looks closely, you can see settings from four other major films that had been released previously. This was because of the budget for the film, so many of the sets were rented.

Bela Lugosi, the master of horror, played the lead role, turning a young woman into a zombie at the behest of one who loved her. However, the results were not quite what he had expected them to be. This film was not the typical “horror” film. White Zombie began a new and exciting culture for Hollywood, although one that was not fully realized until the 1960s with George A. Romero.

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Yes, zombies have most certainly been overdone. There are many other facets of horror that could provide hours of entertainment. Since they first appeared on the screen in the 1930s, there has been a stream of “new” zombie media being released. While the demand for zombie related horror died down for several years, it has since resurfaced. Currently, the trend is zombie-ism. There are television shows and movies still being created and produced that are all about zombies. The problem with zombies is that there are only so many ways that you can remake them. There are no fresh ideas out there.

Instead of creating a new horror, we are falling back on the “tried and true” of what has worked in the past. Remakes of classic horror movies do not always do the movie justice, and many walk away dissatisfied with the content they just viewed. The zombie fascination does not look like it will end soon, although it does seem to be slowing down just a little bit.

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