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Let’s go. The most important thing is not having a high kill count but surviving. The government will take a few months to figure out what to do with people so relying on them is the last thing I would do.


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I disagree, this item is actually true, in bo2 zombies when you pack on town you get a random attachment from it, but i dont know what a vending machine is, unless you mean perk machine. any ways this is just my question of why that isnt a thing in your quiz.


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Zombie movies have become dull and boring. There are several reasons why these movies have become some of the worst films in recent history. Since there are only so many ways you can present a zombie movie, most have been done, and overdone. There are no fresh ideas, and the...

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Both the WaltherP38 and Type 100 are not in nacht

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Zombies are not real, but they have always been very popular in movies because people like to watch zombies come up from the dead. They like to be scared of them. However, recently within the past decade, zombies have gained even more popularity. This is because of the zombie apocalypse which...

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Zombies have always been popular ever since they became stars in certain horror movies. However, zombies were actually popular in certain parts of the world long before movies were being made. Zombies became popular through myths and traditional folklore. These stories were being passed down...

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Zombies have become popular because they have been in movies. People who watched horror movies that involved zombies made people like them more. This is what happened. People began to like zombies more and more by watching these movies. Then they may have read about zombies. From then until...

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It is said that to kill a zombie, it must be done in a very specific way. However, what makes them so powerful is that they are already dead. There is really nothing that you can do to them, other than put a bullet in one specific area. This could be harder than it seems, as there is no rhyme...

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Zombie movies took off in the 1960s with the release of the movie “The Night Of The Living Dead.” It sparked an entirely new era of horror. While zombie movies were not “new” in the 1960s, the level of fear and the realism that it evoked make these cult classics almost...

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Any zombie fan knows that they are attracted to sound. Many don't know the reason behind it, however. The main reason is to give writers of books, cartoons, television shows, and movies an edge to build their scenes upon. As the zombie is headed toward the noise, there are ample opportunities...

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