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The answer is "Classification Authority". Volume 2 Section 229 under Classification Authority Block reads: "The classification authority block shall appear on the face of each classified US document and shall indicate the authority for the classification determination and the duration of classification."

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Your answer to question 12 is incorrect. "What program provides training for personnel to attain knowledge and skill qualification required to perform duty in their specialty" is NOT Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP). The correct answer is On-the-Job Trainning (OJT) program. If you look it up in the Cyberspace Support Journeyman Volume 1 page 18 of 124 you will find the correct answer. (1-2. Work Center Management 005. On-the-Job Trainning)

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Its kernel, some form of kernel is what all unix operating systems run on top of.

Dynamic-link library is a window program just saying


A Unix kernel — the core or key components of the operating system — consists of many kernel subsystems like process management, scheduling, file management, device management and network management, memory management, dealing with interrupts from hardware devices.

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The answer is "End-to-end". Volume 2 Section 223, under End-to-end it reads: "End-to-end encryption provides the greatest degree od protection since the information fully encodes all the way through network to the users' own end terminals."

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Correct Answer: B. End-to-end.

Page 2-59

"End-to-end encryption provides the greatest degree of protection since the information fully encodes all the way through the network to the users’ own end terminals. However, end-to-end encryption is the most difficult to implement."

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Correct Answer: D. By completing a risk assessment.

Page 3-15

"Use the risk assessment to determine whether installation of an IDS is warranted or whether other supplemental controls are sufficient."

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The real answer to this question is Library Custodian.

Any user is incorrect

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Computer security comes in for categories which are internet security, cyber warfare, mobile security, and network security. These computer security categories include the threats of computer crimes, vulnerabilities, eavesdropping, malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, viruses, worms, rootkits, bootkits, keyloggers, screen scrapers, exploits, backdoors, logic bombs, payloads, denial of service, and web shells.

These computer security systems use these defenses which are computer access control, application security, authentication, authorization, data-centric security, encryption and firewall, intrusion detection system, secure mobile gateway, and runtime application self-protection. A vulnerability in a computer is some form of weakness that has taken place in some part of the computer or computer software process. In the computer security of COMPUSEC, there are four main categories of vulnerabilities. There are also attacks on a computer.

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big 'G' little 'b' = gigabit
big 'G' big 'B' = gigabyte
Huge difference.

The answer should be in gigabits per second, commonly expressed as "Gbps", though Gb/s is fine.

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