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Yoga Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Yoga, a Sanskrit word, originated in India, was meant for having a way of leading a disciplined life mentally, physically, and spiritually. The two most popular types of yoga are Moksha and Bikram. An Indian named Bikram Choudhary founded Bikram yoga. He popularized a form of yoga where practitioners are in a room with a temperature of 104-1050 F with an instructor that has a demanding tone. Its aim is for the yogis to adapt to the hot temperature while doing yoga.

This yoga has 26 complicated yoga poses(2 rounds) to complete in one class. The Moksha yoga, on the other hand, was founded by Jessica Robertson and Ted Grand in 2004. The room is heated to a maximum of 950 F, and the instructor is calmer and gentler compared to Bikram yoga. Forty postures must be completed in a Boshka yoga session.

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Kripalu Yoga has helped me the most. Although, I practice almost 4 to 5 types of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini, Kripalu Yoga has provided me the best ever results out of all these Yogas which I mentioned above. Yoga is practiced by almost two billion people throughout the world. You can easily see its results on people. Be it your physical or mental health, Yoga improves the overall personality of an individual. It also relaxes your mind and provides flexibility to your body.

Talking about Kripalu Yoga, it mainly focuses on spirituality and it is less hectic than other asanas. It is my favorite Yoga and I rarely skip any day without practicing it. It de-stresses my mind, provides mental peace to me and my body as well.

I recommend you to start practicing Yoga on a daily basis if you don’t do it regularly. Trust me, you will see the difference on your own after a few days.

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The term Yoga means getting united with the sublime force of nature. It is the way of unlocking ourselves for the universal phenomena and experiencing the blissfulness around us.

Therefore, there are many forms of Yoga, like Hath yoga; if you want to keep it limited only to the health benefits. Otherwise, Yoga's roots are more extensive than anyone could think.

Yoga has its root connected to ancient eternal dharma which provides useful packages of simple, safe, effective stress reduction techniques to the practitioners.

Controlled breathing and gentle stretching are part of the common Yoga exercises. The primary goal of Yoga is to establish the equilibrium balance between mind, body, and soul at once.

As mentioned above, the most famous form of Yoga is Hatha Yoga, which helps in preventing the illness and benefiting muscles, joints, organs, nerves, and glands through various physical postures.

These physical postures are called Asanas. These Asanas are the perfect way to train the mind and muscles to improve human concentration and coordination. Such Yoga exercises are an excellent way of preventing build-up tension which often leads to aches and anxiety. The mental and breathing exercises are called Pranayam.

Pranayam helps to deal with problems like breathing, depression, and high blood pressure. Yoga encourages a person's overall development.

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Yoga is both conceptual and physical, while meditation is a purely a cerebral technique that can, but doesn't necessarily have to, incorporate physical techniques. Being conscious of breathing is a common element in yoga, but an individual can also do yoga poses without bringing consideration to their breath. Yoga is practiced for overall fitness, better posture, better health, and energy increased weight loss and stress reduction.

It can also be considered as a combination of various exercises and movements. Meditation can be a spiritual practice of concentrated focus, which would be on a particular object, such as the flame of a candle. Or it may also be a person stilling their mind to increase awareness of the present moment in time.

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Exercising of any type will help lose weight and belly fat, but the exercising must be targeting the midsection. Yoga and Pilates coupled with eating healthy could help someone lose belly fat. The key thing to losing weight especially belly fat is to be consistent. People should create a schedule of when they are going to do exercises and that way they will continue to keep to the schedule and lose belly fat.

Some specific yoga and Pilates moves target the belly. If someone wants to specifically lose belly fat, then they need to find workouts that are geared toward this goal because there are other workouts that may target arms, legs and other body parts. Therefore, belly fat can be stubborn and must be lost by exercising and eating healthy.

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Yes, Yoga 🧘‍♀️ can improve your eyesight to some extent!

Indeed, Yoga exercises are one of the best ways to improve human eyesight. These exercises can overcome and reduce various eye-related problems including short and long sightedness.

Do you know many of the eye-disorders are caused due to the malfunctioning of our ocular muscles that are further caused by chronic mental and emotional tensions in our body? Yoga can also reduce the chances of occurring myopia and hypermetropia at a younger age. One more thing you can note that for Yoga exercises you don't need to dedicate your precious time. In fact, you can do these exercises at any time of the day.

One of the simplest eye exercises is Eye Blinking. Yes, you heard right and I am not joking. It'sour human tendency that we forget to blink our eyes while browsing electronic exercises for long hours. Hence, blinking our eyes can make it healthier.

However, there are a few more eye exercises that you can practice on a daily basis. Have a look at those exercises:

  • Palming
  • Eye Rolling
  • Focus Shifting
  • Sideways viewing
  • Rotational viewing

Try out these exercises and see the result on your own. To get the best result, you should try to do it in when your eyes are fresh i.e. when you wake up every day.

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Patanjali is the founder, pranayam is the 3rd component of yoga,it comes after yam,niyam and Asanas ,therefore it is advanced stage of yoga.

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T. Lopez

Let's see how far my knowledge stretches

Exercise can be defined as any physical activity intended to improve fitness and strength. There are a lot of ways people go about exercising their body. When you engage yourself in an exercise, it enhances the blood circulation in the body. They are so many benefits one can derive from exercising regularly.

Yoga, on the other hand, can be any of the Hindu disciplines towards training the consciousness of a person into a perfect spiritual insight and freedom. It is also a form of exercise, but this time around, it emphasizes more on a system of exercise intended to promote and make you the controller of your body and mind.

The sympathetic nervous system is significantly at work when you are exercising your body, while the parasympathetic nervous system is at work during yoga exercise. Another difference is that; you consume more oxygen during exercise than you do during yoga.

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The union mind soul and body

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Usually during yoga meditation, people tend to get totally lost in their thoughts. For many people, yoga meditation allows their mind an escape from the worries of life into a world that is full of peace and happiness. And perhaps this is why yoga is believed to have mood improving and relaxing effects on the mind. People also tend to experience time lapses.

Usually, a lot of time would pass and you would feel like only 5 to 10 minutes have passed. Apart from that, during yoga meditation, the body feels totally relaxed with a shallow level of breathing.

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