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Y Intercept Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I got it wrong :(

m=y2-y1= (-12)-(-2) = -10 is the slope
x2-x1 (-4) - (-1) -3

find b:
-12=(-10)(-4) + b
-12=-40 + b

substitute the values:

y= mx+b
y= -10x+4


3 Answers

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2 Answers

The answer is -1/3 becaue 7-(-5) over (-1)-5 = -1/3

1 Answer

This test shows imnot ready for the big test

1 Answer

That answer does not make sense from the other dude's explenation.

1 Answer

I wrote the same thing but i got it wrong WTH!

1 Answer

I dont get how is this the ans. can someone pl explain it would be a gr8 help

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