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Writing Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Students can learn plenty of things from there peers in school to get successful. They can learn from their peers that how are they studying, how are they communicating with seniors they can take or learn many tips on how to do school projects. how to participate in and get success in co-curricular activities how to work in a team. etc

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You can expect to answer a question about main idea when you are taking a test in a reading, literature or English class. That is a common question to ask the participants. It is important to know the main idea of a story, text or selection.

The main idea is what the entire story, text or selection is about. Sometimes, people get the main idea wrong because they are focusing on the minor details. These details whether they are main details or minor details support the main idea, but they are not the main idea.

In the story, the main idea is that Tudor was able to implement an unusual idea successfully. The details in the story would support this main idea.

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The answer to this is letter D. The fact that it is already the third phase means that you are done with the different things that you have to write. You have written the different portions of the writing content and you are now making sure if all the details are correct.

It is best if you would improve the content and the structure based on what you think will make everything better. There are times when you may feel that the message that you have sent is not too clear. This phase will allow you to make the necessary changes.

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The correct answers are as follows:

  • Reading to them
  • Having vocabulary knowledge
  • When students use what they know about the world
  • When they are motivated to read

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Option C and D
My dog is beautiful; her eyes are her best features is correct because the semi colon show details of the connection between the independent clauses and it shows that “the dog is beautiful” is supported by the other clause, “her eyes are the best feature”.

Option D is also correct because a period can be used to show the connection between the two clauses. Option A is not correct because it is not punctuated and the clauses have to be linked by punctuation.

Option B is also wrong because a comma does not show a strong connection between the independent clauses. It can only be used in a continuing sentence not to link independent clauses

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It shows you different parts of someting that will happen

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The three by three writing process is the process of writing business information. Just like in school, there are steps to writing correctly and appropriately. There are three steps and they are called analyze, anticipate and adapt.

They are very similar to the writing process that we learned in school or writing that involved academics. During the analyzing step which has to be done first because the steps of the writing process must always be followed in order. The analysis step is when the writer prewrites and brainstorms.

Then the anticipation step involves the writer actually writing the first draft. The third step involves the writer adapting the writing to its final draft and finished product by revising and editing it.

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A proposal proclamation is a standout amongst the most vital components of any useful article. A theory explanation controls the topic of the exposition and states something noteworthy to the peruser. It is the one proclamation that condenses the fundamental purpose of the paper and indicates why the exhibition is essential and worth perusing.

An exposition that does not have a strong theory will be deficient and regularly be ailing in the center. The postulation proclamation is the sentence that expresses the principle thought of a composition task and helped control the thoughts inside the paper. It isn't just a subject. It regularly mirrors a conclusion or judgment that an author has made about a perusing or individual experience.

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No. While typing a formal letter in the earlier days, the typist would include using proper grammar and their way of speaking through the message needed to come across as appropriate to the reader of the message. Now people are sending texts and emails, the same rules would apply to that as well. Emails should be written in a professional and courteous manner.

Even though people think that emails are sent quickly, they should still have appropriate grammar and spelling. Also, SPAM or jokes should not be forwarded on to others especially in a company. In an email, it should include the sender’s name, greeting and contact information, if needed.

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They can learn to give space to others as well and know about about others rights

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