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Integrity, social justice, service, competence, importance of human relationships, social

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On a graph, the integers are positive when you travel up and to the right. If you go left or down, the numbers are negative. If a rectangle is placed at two different places on the graph, you can determine the points of each corner of each box.

To do this, you will need to count over either left or right that several spaces and then up or down until you reach that point. In math, there is a term called translation, and it is often seen on graphs. This means that the shape has moved a distance away from the original place on the chart. In this case, the translation or movement of the rectangle is four up, and seven left.

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B. In the mobile navigation menu on Salesforce for Android.
C. The sidebar of a Salesforce Console as a console component.

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Build a custom visualforce page for both the change password and Forgot password experiences.
Build a custom visualforce page for the change password experience and a community builder page for the Forgot password experience.

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In my opinion, responsibility plays the most vital role in a team.
A leader must take his responsibility and followers have to take theirs as well.
If a person knows what he needs to do and what responsibility he holds, he would be more productive as he can emphasize more on his scope of work clearly.
However, not all projects are success.
So even if it is a failure, everyone would take their responsibilities and it would not be particular person's fault to cause a project to fail.
Success or failure would not affect the teamwork when everyone is united as one.
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