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The correct answer is option B. In the question above, the content word is “movies”. Content words are words that carry meaning of a sentence. It conveys information in a text or speech. They name object of their reality and qualities. Nouns, main verbs, adjectives and adverb...Read More

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The correct ans is cheque not check it mean check something like any type of work that school teachers check in school of children'

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The longest English word without a vowel is symphysy. But this word is not very commonly used. The longest word without a vowel which is used commonly is today’s date is rhythms.

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The question asks for a function word. "On" being a preposition is a function word. "Shelf" being a noun is a content word.

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Saris gentle touch and her soft voice had a calming effect on the frightened dog.

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Inheritance-colossians 1: 5. here the word hope is not wishful thinking, or a desire or a longing that is yet to be fulfilled, or a possibility of what may or may not happen. it is along the lines of possession or procurring an inheritance. it is confidence in christ. [the bible knowledge...Read More

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All of these words have the same stressed vowel, which is either a low back rounded or a low back unrounded vowel.

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Confirm is an action word and a verb that is used when you wish to ratify or substantiate news or information. The word confirm is an adjective that tells that one who conforms has a desire to be similar or fall in line with the ‘norm.’ The word confirm means to make sure of...Read More

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