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Weather Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Coastal areas have more consistent weather compared to continental areas. Since coastal areas are near a body of water, which cools down and heats up slower than land. This is why the temperature of a coastal area is more consistent as the body of water (usually oceans or seas can stay on the average on both day and night time.

This is because the ocean absorbs the heat at daytime and cool off at night in a controlled manner. The farther the area from the coast, the more drastic change in temperature and more frequent changes in weather are experienced. The predictable weather in coastal areas makes more people want to live in it. Weather forecasts are more accurate in this areas thus people can prepare as early as they hear weather updates.

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Weather, or the atmosphere’s state at a specific time and place, is inconsistent. You would probably notice that most weather forecasts air numbers of times in a day and sometimes you can see a slight change between the weather news of the morning and late afternoon. Clouds, temperature, winds, and location greatly affect the inconsistency in weather.

When clouds gathered a lot of evaporated water from a body of water near a city, for example, there is a good chance that it will precipitate in that city when the winds will pass by it and the clouds are heavy. This is the reason why sometimes on a hot, summer day, rainfall is possible especially to cities near water bodies.

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The reason why some places are hot and some are cold is determined by 2 factors: latitude (location on earth) and the altitude (elevation) of the place.

The equator, which is the closet to the sun gets more heat and places in this area are generally hotter. Regions far from the equator, such as the poles get the least of heat from the sun. Regions above the equator get cooler because of their latitude and it gets cooler as we move towards the poles.

On the other hand, places with high altitude are colder. Even in the equatorial regions, we can see frozen mountains because of their altitude, which happens because of the vertical distance above the sea level which makes the region cooler.

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The correct answer is option C Cirrus clouds are delicate, thin feathery clouds that are made mostly of ice crystals. They are known for their wispy appearance, typically appearing as light grey or white. Cirrus cloud is the most common type of cloud seen in the sky. It is often located 20,000 feet above the ground.

The cloud also indicates that the weather is about to deteriorate, as it also shows that the storm is approaching. Cirrus is known to raise the temperature of the air beneath the main cloud layer by an average of 10 °C (18 °F). The Cirrus cloud is also formed on other planets such as Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

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Autumn weather, or fall weather, is my favorite kind of weather. Fall represents a beautiful cycle of loss, regeneration, and regrowth. I love the picturesque scenery of the season. The maple trees are exceptionally vibrant with colors of red, golden yellow, burnt orange, and auburn. I love the way that the leaves shed from the trees and elegantly decorate the ground. The fall air is crisp and refreshing.

Taking walks outside in the fall is very refreshing. Also, fall signifies the season of the first harvest. Fall means pumpkins, apple picking, and harvest festivals. Fall is also typically when people prepare for the holidays, and they get to spend more time with their family and loved ones. In the fall, it is easy to remember everything for which you have to be thankful.

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If you would like to be in a state in America that is considered to have good weather all year round, you do not have to look further than California. You can stay in the south or the central California coast so that you can experience pleasant temperatures.

You can also go to Hawaii if you want to experience having a tropical state of mind even for just a short while. Arizona is another state that you can visit if you would like to experience most pleasant weather. Good weather is necessary especially if you are having a vacation. You would like to go around the state without worrying about getting wet.

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The ocean currents greatly affect the weather. Bodies of water absorb heat and they also release coolness to land. The currents of the oceans help distribute the heat and coolness to different areas. Currents from the equator are much hotter compared to the ocean currents near the poles.

Thus, ocean currents help bring warm or cool air to a land. The absorbed warmth of the currents from the land form clouds and will then precipitate to cool-off that area. It might be scorching hot during daytime but with the help of ocean currents, a possible rainfall will occur at night or the next day due to their movement and absorption of heat.

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They are quite a number of countries with good and favorable weather. Some of them include:

1. Greece is known to have a great weather. Greece has Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summer and mild winter.

2. Spain also has a fine weather with hotter summer when compared to the Mediterranean climate and cold winter.

3. Portugal has a great weather, it is one of the warmest countries in Europe.

4. Cyprus is the warmest of all Mediterranean countries, it also has the warmest winter.

5. Brazil also has a good weather, most of the country has warm and tropical weather all year round.

Other countries like New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica, France, Turkey, Malta, Italy, Bahamas, Uganda and Kenya.

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Let's see how far my knowledge stretches

Snowstorm and Blizzard are both weather conditions, their effects can be very harmful to human beings. These weather conditions are common in some parts of the world. These extreme weather conditions occur mostly during seasons that are characterized by coldness like autumn, spring and winter. Although, both snowstorm and blizzard have some similarities, however, there are some differences between them. The first difference will be on what they actually mean.

Snowstorm is an extreme weather condition that is characterized with rainfall, snowfall and it usually occurs when the temperature is a bit below the freezing point. Blizzard, on the other hand, is also a weather condition, in fact, it can be called severe weather condition that is characterized with heavy rainfall, snowfall together with blowing winds. This is even a more dangerous weather condition than snowstorm. It is snowstorm together with blowing winds. During snowstorm, areas that do not experience snowfall might experience it.

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I feel like it should be rain gauge and anemometer, even though an anemometer measures in MPH it could easily be converted into inches per hour or CM per hour. A barometer measures in millibars.

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