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Weather Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Anemometer is used to measure speed of wind, sch that it has cups that rotate showing the speed

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Weather is used to talk about environment and temperature conditions, and the word weather is a noun — the word whether it can be used as a conjunction to choose between either-or. The word weather, which is a noun it is utilized to refer to climate conditions such as temperatures, rain, wind, snow, hot, and cold.

The weather may also be used as a verb, which means to endure, withstand, or maintain during a challenging situation. Another way that weather can be used is as a verb referring to erosion or something deteriorating due to weather conditions, whereas the word whether it can be used to link two choices.

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Altitudeisheightabove sea level. Thedensity of air decreaseswithheight. There are two reasons: at higher altitudes, there is lessairpushing down from above, and gravity is weaker farther from Earth's center. So at higher altitudes,airmolecules can spread out more, andair density decreases(Figure below).

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The state of Montana, which is located in the upper northwestern part of the United States and is just outside of Canada. Montana’s nickname is The Treasure State, and there have been recorded temperatures as low as 71 degrees below zero in 1954 and 117 degrees in 1893; however, because the state’s humidity levels tend to be to the low side, the average temperatures tend to be as described above.

There is plenty of weather conducive to winter and summer activities. Because of the state’s size and location of mountain ranges, the weather can be varied depending upon where you are! The temperature averages are between 28 and 85 degrees depending on the season. During the winter the snowfall ranges from 300 inches in the rocky mountains and west and then maybe 20 inches in the eastern portion of the state.

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There are quite a lot of factor that combine together to determine the shape of the weather. These factors include temperature, topography, elevation (altitude), abundance of water, air pressure, latitude and solar radiation. Let's discuss about these factors one by one:

Temperature: the higher the temperature the hotter the climate of the region and the lower the temperature, the colder the region.

Elevation (altitude): higher elevations are associated with lower temperatures which there are relatively colder and vice versa.

Abundance of water: the presence of bodies of water impact the shape of climate of the region. Regions close to large bodies of water are relatively colder than regions far from bodies of water.

Latitude - where you are on earth determines the weather of the place. For instance, regions away from the equator have more or less of sunlight depending on the season.

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Celsius and Fahrenheit are the two ways of measuring temperature. Both Celsius and Fahrenheit were developed by two different scientists. Celsius was developed Anders Celsius, and it was named after him in the 1700s. Fahrenheit, on the other hand, was developed by a physicist known as Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724. When Celsius is used in measuring temperature, °C is used to denote that the temperature is measured by Celsius, the same thing is applicable to Fahrenheit when it is used in measuring the temperature, it is denoted by °F. The most commonly used measurement for temperature is Celsius.

In fact, it is mostly used in many parts of the world as the ideal measurement for temperature except for some countries. And sometimes Kelvin, which is another measurement scale for measuring temperature can be used in place of Celsius during special scientific operation. Fahrenheit, on the other hand, is used mostly in the United States. Another difference is that, when the freezing point of a substance is 32F, the equivalent in Celsius is 0°C.

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