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War Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The cold war was an ideological conflict. The United States symbolizes a government elected in a transparent, free, and fair election and the economy is built on a "Laissez Faire" market system. It regarded the whole world as a promising marketplace.

The Soviet Union embodied a government controlled by the communist party of Marxist Leninist ideology and state-controlled economy. The Korean war was a civil war fought between North and South Korea. The cold war was a distinct engagement between the Soviet Union and the United States, in which their militaries were taunting each other to make the first move.

The Korean war was an indirect showdown between two powers through their corresponding delegations, Communist North Korea, and Democratic South Korea. Though ideologically different, the aim was to unite the Korean peninsula.

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The Vietnam War delineates the fight between communism and capitalism, and the battle of the Cold War. The Vietnam War was a smaller version of the Cold War throughout that time, and it was fought within the timeframe of the Cold War. The dates of the Cold War were 1947-1991, and Vietnam was 1955-1975. These wars were driven by the eagerness to spread communism versus the desire to stop it, and the impact of these wars was ruinous. The combined casualties, including civilians and service people, is around six million people.

The battle was a triumph for communism and a disappointment to the United States in the Cold War because communism spread further into South Asia. The Cold War and the Vietnam War occurred in synergy, and they both have similar backgrounds. The Vietnam War is a product of the tense climate caused by the Cold War.

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After WW2, there were 2,000,000 German prisoners or absent or dead on the Eastern Front. The Soviets reported they just held 850,000. That was a surprise to the Germans.

As a matter of fact, NO nation treated the German POW according to the worldwide convention . The Soviets send them into forced work for a long time, which few survived.

Remorseless were the Danish who send POW on the shorelines to influence the mines to detonate. More than 75 % did not survive.

Conversely, because of the endeavors of Konrad Adenauer, German detainees began getting back home by 1954 and were received as legends. At the point when the trains arrived, the German detainees were welcomed with thronging, cheering group, nourishment, et cetera.

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The group named Black Hand conspired to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand, and they were a secret military society which formed in 1901 by officers in the army of the Serbian Army. They were best known for their conspiracy to assassinate the Serbian royal couple in 1903.

The group was established to be actively pursuing the destruction of the ruling dynasty. Black Hand had a vast range of ideological outlooks. It was formed with the idea that all the territories with the South Slavic majority. Members of the group were mainly army officers with some government officials in the mix. It also operated in Belgrade, and it conducted campaigns and organized armed bands in Macedonia and established a network throughout Bosnia.

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Fatah is a secular, moderate group which is bound by Israeli interest through the Oslo Accords. Fatah promotes the two-state solution as well as the feasibility of reconciliation with Israel. Fatah wants a Palestinian state in the inhabited Gaza strips and West Bank. Fatah's brigades are not as violent and extreme, while Hamas is a religious extremist group, which is labeled as a terrorist organization.

Hamas rejects the two-state solution, and it advocates for the demolition of Israel. Hamas wants a Palestinian state circumscribing the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, and Israel. Mahmud Abbas is the current president of Palestine, while Hamas has little control or power over the government. Fatah was developed in the 1950s, while Hamas was established in 1987.

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Before the Civil War, there were actually several differences between the southern and northern states ranging from demographics to income potential, production choices, sociopolitical philosophies, occupational opportunities, economic classes, and development. Though before the Civil War, both the northern and southern states are much involved in agriculture, the northern states advanced by being more urbanized and industrialized while the southern states still remain focused more on agriculture.

Thus, the population of the northern states was larger than two times of that of the southern states. In carrying out there industrial or agricultural activities, the northern states advanced into the invention of machinery, while the southern states still remain depending on slaves for labor despite the increase in the price of slaves then. In addition, the northern states also invested in education than the southern states, which birthed more of public schools in the northern states. The northern states focused on preserving their union while the southern states were preserving the states' right.

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Anyone would assume that battle and war both have the same meaning, but if we think a little deeper, these two words have different meanings. Battle and war are no doubt related to conflict; thus, many people get often confused in using them in sentences. A battle is usually combatting between two or more armed forces while a war is between two countries, nations, or entities.

In easier terms, soldiers go and fight into the battlefield as their countries called for war. Winning and losing is inevitable in a battle; one may have won the battle, but it does not mean that the war will end. An example is Country A soldiers defeated the army of Country B in the battle, but Country B has not yet surrendered; therefore, the end of the war has not yet declared.

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The term cold war refers to the strained relationship between two countries or two power blocks where neither rival participates directly at war with the other where each of the rivals tries to soften its opponent. Historically the term refers to an adversarial relationship existing between the United States and the USSR during the period, beginning of the end of WWII and the fall of the Soviet Union.

During this time, no direct war between the two took place. A proxy war is a conflict between two powerful nations where neither party directly attacks or acknowledges military hostility toward the other.

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The French and Indian war started because Britain and France were fighting over the land known as the Ohio River Valley. They wanted the land so they could bring their families there and they wanted fur.

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For those who do not know, AWTOK means Always Watching the Other Kind. This means that people who are part of AWTOK will make it a point to look for supernaturals.

They may also conduct some tests in order to see what the different strengths and weaknesses of the supernatural are. Some feel that the AWTOK is not real. This is only something that people made up in order to make their life interesting yet some people say that this is real.

Some say that the AWTOK exists in order to make mythical creatures remain a mystery instead of being seen by other people and proven to be true.

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