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No, actually to activate folate (THF, active form of folate or folic acid), you need vitamin B12. Vit b12 gets methyl group attached to folate thus activates both.

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There are actually three answers to this question. Only one of these foods does contain vitamin D, so the three that don’t are kale, caviar, and tofu. Vitamin D is actually something that is not organically in most foods. It has to be added into the foods for them to have it. Mushrooms...

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The answer to this is pantothenic acid. This is also known as Vitamin B5. This is known to be a nutrient that is needed in order to create blood cells. This is also one of the nutrients that the body uses whenever it would like to convert the food that you eat into energy that you will need...

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There are many vitamins that fall in this category, vitamin B complex. These are niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid and cobalamin. These vitamins help the body by helping the body construct their own red blood cells and helping in the immune system....

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The correct answer to this question is C. The term vitamin B complex refers to all water-soluble vitamins except ascorbic acid. This combination of vitamins is important to prevent or treat vitamin deficiency. This lack of nutrients can be caused by certain illnesses, poor diet, alcoholism, or...

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How come ? Vitamin /k deficiency may cause blood clotting

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No that can't be right. How about Vitamin B12? That's found mainly in animal rich food

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The main function is that Vitamins are used for necessary for proper growth and development
​side note: B vitamins are used for energy production via various pathways (glycolysis, TCA cycle, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, etc.

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Water soluble and fat soluble

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To stay healthy, it is important to eat healthy foods, exercise, and take your vitamins every day. We tell our kids to take their vitamins. This will allow them to have vitamins and minerals for the day. However, there are two different types of vitamins that you can take. They are different...

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