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Venus Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answer to this is C. Venus may be known as the brightest planet but it will not be the most pleasant planet to live in. The planet has a lot of active volcanoes and the greenhouse effect is massive. People would just need to take in one breath and that will be enough to kill them.

It is not a surprise that even the clouds of Venus are made with sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid. The main reason why the planet is very bright is due to the sunlight that it will reflect. The clouds are opaque unlike the clouds that can be seen here on earth that can still be considered as translucent.

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Venus has always been known as the brightest planet in the solar system. This is already enough to make it unique. Yet, it still has other features that will make it distinct from all the other planets. This is also known as the hottest planet because of the type of atmosphere that it has.

This has an atmosphere that has the ability to trap gas inside. This planet also comes with a lot of craters and volcanoes that may add further to how the planet looks like from a distance. The pictures of Venus has evolved over the years. As there are now better cameras available, this planet can be seen more clearly now.

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There are different reasons for this. There is a lot of spacecraft that become inflated the moment that they hit Venus. Those who get to that planet can only provide information for a certain period of time before the people lose contact with them. It is also quite a challenge to re-enter our planet again. It will be easy to go fast.

The only issue with this is that the spacecraft can become too fast that it might burn up. Another possible option is to go slowly but the earth can have a tricky atmosphere to maneuver. It would take a really skilled pilot in order to make re-entering possible. There are still some innovations that are being done by those in NASA in order to have the type of items that people need to enter Venus again.

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There are a lot of gases that can be found in the planet Venus's atmosphere that truly makes it one of the planets that people cannot live in. First of all, more than 90% of the atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide which is the type of gas that we breathe out.

Venus does not have any plants that can convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen. The rest of the gases that can be found are nitrogen and sulfur dioxide. Do take note that it also has clouds that are made up of sulfuric acid. The greenhouses gases on this planet are so strong that it has caused the oceans to dry up.

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The pressure that can be found on the surface of Venus is said to be at 90 atmospheres. If this would be compared to anything on earth, it will be similar to the pressure that is experienced when you are about 1km away from the surface of the ocean.

There are so many layers of clouds that make the surface of the planet not visible from afar. Do take note that the clouds are known as sulfuric clouds. These are different from the type of clouds that can be seen here on earth. The pressure is so high on venus because it has a dense atmosphere.

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There was a time when people did not know what type of atmosphere venus had. There are some things that can immediately be observed about it. First of all, it has a lot of meteor craters. One can only guess how many meteors have landed here. There are also some constant lava flows.

There are also some areas that are smoother than the rest because of the lava. The core of Venus is known to be made out of iron while its mantle is also rocky similar to how the mantle of the earth is. The earth and venus have a lot of differences especially when it comes to the planets’ ability to sustain life.

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It has been said that there were a lot of things that occurred in our solar system back when the world was still underdeveloped. The earth was able to survive but there was a time when it was hit by another large debris. A lot of masses were formed and it eventually formed the moon that we have right now.

Some say that the same fate could have been experienced by Venus. However, the spin of Venus is different from the other planets. It also does a very slow rotation. It may have caused its own moon to break down and just collide with Venus. This may have contributed to the type of planet that venus is at present time.

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There are a lot of experts who usually refer to Venus as the sister planet of the earth. The main reason for this is the size of Venus when compared to earth. The former is only smaller than earth by 638 kilometers. Even if the sizes of these two planets are almost the same, Venus is known for its inability to sustain life.

It has an atmosphere that can only be considered as poisonous to a lot of people. It contained mostly carbon dioxide which is bad for the body. Surviving in Venus will also be complicated and impossible because of the heat.

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It would not be easy to colonize venus simply because it is a planet that is not fit for humans to live in. It has a very thick atmosphere that is full of carbon dioxide. One breath can be enough to kill humans. It also has a lot of active volcanoes which means that people would need to go through a lot of lava plains if in case they have the right breathing apparatus to survive.

The surface temperature of Venus is said to be hot enough to cause lead to melt. This is going to be a hot and uncomfortable planet. There are no reports yet if there are some things that can be done in order to improve venus’s atmosphere. As of now, there are not enough reports that are available to provide that information.

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The atmosphere of Venus is known to be very thick. In fact, it is three times thicker than the surface on earth. The reason why it is so thick is not only because of the carbon dioxide that can be found in the system. It is also because of the sulfuric acid clouds that line up the surface of the planet.

Take note that if you would try to look at the atmosphere of Venus, it will be hard to see its surface because the atmosphere is just very thick. The thickness of Venus's atmosphere makes it hard for the energy coming from the sun to penetrate the planet.

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