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Vegetable Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A lady's finger vegetable is not to be confused with the ladyfinger cookie. In many areas, this vegetable is called "okra," but the name lady's fingers came about in English-speaking countries. Okra has been called lady's fingers in several countries because of the fact it is long, curved, and tapered at the end—very much like a lady's delicate finger. Some say the plant and vegetable are native to Africa, while others claim South Asia.

Regardless as to where it's from, it is popular in gumbos, raw in salads, or pickled, as well as helping to alleviate malnutrition in poverty-stricken areas. Lady's fingers also have seeds that can be roasted and ground for a caffeine free substitute of coffee.

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There are three main types of vegetarian diets. The first is called lacto-ovo vegetarians. These people diet by eating no meat in general but they do eat dairy products like milk and eggs. The second group is called the lacto vegetarians and they eat no meat, but they do eat dairy. However, these dieters do not eat eggs. The vegan vegetarians are the strictest.

They do not eat meat, but they also do not eat dairy or eggs either. All three of these are good in that they focus on the healthy foods, fruits and vegetables and stay away from unhealthy foods. So, vegans have the best diets because they avoid all animal products. Eggs contain cholesterol and dairy products are usually made into unhealthy foods.

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Vegetables are examples of foods that cause bloating. While not all vegetables can lead to this condition, however, there are certain vegetables which can cause bloating. Examples are Cruciferous vegetables, Spinach, Button mushrooms, Garlic, Onion, Broccoli. It should be noted that all the listed examples above have other nutritional benefits. The fact that they cause bloating does not make them harmful to your health. These vegetables cause bloating because most of the short-chain carbohydrates that are in them don't go through the complete digestion process.

Most of these carbohydrates move straight into the colon and the bacteria in the colon act on them, and this leads to what is known as fermentation. As a result of this fermentation, gases are produced, which in turn lead to the swollen of the stomach. Invariably, the types of vegetables that cause bloating are known as cruciferous vegetables. Most of them don't digest properly.

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Cabbage Patch Dolls were at first known as "Little People," and the doll became popular in the 1980s. The first dolls were made by the method of needle molding. A company called Coleco acquired the "Little People" Line, and they changed their name to "Cabbage Patch Kids." These dolls were made of a mixture of fabric and vinyl. There have been several incarnations of Cabbage Patch Dolls, including toys that come with a specialty line of clothing, related to occasions such as the Birthday Kids Line, and those that do special tricks.

Also, they all had different names, birth certificates, and they are a very popular collectors' item to this day. The original doll maker is Xavier Roberts, and his dolls are called Cabbage Patch Original Kids. The dolls have his autograph on their butt cheek, and they come with a birth certificate affirming Roberts as the father. These unique dolls can sell for thousands, depending on their popularity with collectors.

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One of the easiest ways to steam broccoli is to put the florets into somewhere between three-quarters of an inch to an inch of boiling water. There is such thing as a steamer, but if you’re trying to do this at college or on a low budget, you probably won’t have the money to buy the steamer in the heat of the moment. The easiest way, by far, is to do it on the stove - either by directly placing the cleaned florets in the water or using a steamer basket insert.

However, you can also use the microwave. You simply put wet florets in a microwave safe bowl. At this point, you need to be sure you have a large pool of water in the bottom. If not, you add a tablespoon of water to kickstart the water off the florets. Cover and steam.

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When you cook vegetables, you lose a lot of the nutrients that make them so good for you in the process. It is often the most nutritious to eat vegetable raw if you want to benefit from all the nutrients they have to offer.

However, if it just doesn't seem like an option that you want to go with, then steaming brocoli is the best bet for making sure that they retain as many nutrients as possible. Steaming slow cooked vegetables allows them to retain many of the nutrients that makes them so good for you in the first place.

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