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Upper Limb Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer to this question is A, clavicle. This long bone is between the shoulder blade and breastbone. The clavicle is horizontal and is the only long bone in the body to lay this direction. It has many functions in the body.

The clavicle provides support for the scapula and free limb. It also provides pretection for the neurovascular bundle, which supplies the upper limb. Not only does it appear in humans, but it also appears in bony fish and turtles, along with dinosaurs during their existance. Traditionally, the left clavicle is longer than the right clavicle and they appear longer in males than they do in females.

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Greater tubercle of humerus laterally
lesser tubercle is located medially

1 Answer

Medial border of scapula

1 Answer

lesser tubercle of humerus

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It is a direct continuation of the radial artery and it's arch is completed medially by the deep palmer branch of the ulnar artery

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Extention of 2nd digit at MCP, PIP & DIP jts. And Extention of hand at wrist jt.

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