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United States Constitution Questions and Answers (Q&A)

You are wrong. There was no national currency dumbass.

Articles of Confederation (1781-1789): The First U.S. national government
1. Weak executive branch without leadership
2. No national judicial branch to interpret laws and settle disputes between states
3. State-dominated legislative branch: states were equal in legislature, amending the Articles required unanimous approval
4. No common national currency see dumbass
5. National government dependent on the states for funding
6. Did not have the funds to maintain a sufficient military after the Revolution was over

There is why we had ratified the Articles of Confederation with The Constitution. There was no national currency by the way because a lot of people had different currency from coming from overseas and no one could put a value on the foreign currency most individuals possessed including the National Government.
Make sure you know your Introduction To Political Science before you post a quiz with false answers!!!!

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