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Theory Of Evolution Questions and Answers (Q&A)

For the formation of the new species, it is necessarythat species isolate. That process is known as speciation that takes place in the course of evolution.

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The correct answer to this question is A, Different habitats. All of the various areas in the word have different habitats. Rain forest appears in the regions that are warm and wet. Areas that are hot and dry are covered in hot deserts. There are ten main habitats, which include mountains, polar ice, Mediterranean, and grasslands.

There are variations of the ten habitats around the world, and the difference depends on where it is. Animals that live in different habitats are taught to adapt to the conditions around them. Most of the habitats are destroyed by human activity such as smoking and gas.

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Finches are birds that are related to the passenger pigeons. Many people think that finches are parrots, but they are not. Most finches around the world have rounded beaks. Most of the time these finches eat seeds. However, there are differences to what birds will eat based on where they are located.

Birds like any other animal will not starve itself to death. Instead, it will locate food that it could eat even though the food is not ideal or what it is used to. In the Galapagos Islands, the finches eat different things and as a result their beaks change shape to match the food that they are beginning to eat on a regular basis.

Therefore expect to see different beak shapes among the finches on the Galapagos Islands.

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The process is called as is known as Selective Breeding

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When people are in their element which means that they are in a place wherein they are trained and equipped to survive, they will have a natural ability to do better as compared to those who have not acquired different adaptations yet in order to live in a certain place comfortably.

For example, there are some people who have lived in places that are cold all of their lives. If they would be taken to a new place that is also cold, they will have no trouble surviving. They just have to scout the area and find the means on how they can survive.

This will be different from someone who has always lived in the tropics that will have no known way on how to survive in a place that is completely unfamiliar.

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Changes in the inherited characteristics of a population over time

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The answer is stabilizing selection, it is not disruptive selection.

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