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Theology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

S. Barnes

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Feminism and womanism are presumed to be the same by many, but this is not the case. Feminism and womanism are not the same as they are two different terms with different meanings. Feminism refers to the state of being feminine. It is a social theory; it can also be termed a political movement which argues that legal and social restrictions on women should be removed in order to bring the issue of equality of sexes (both male and female) in all aspect of public and private life.

Womanism, on the other hand, was coined by Alice Walker. This started as a movement to resist anti-blackness in the feminism movement. A womanist is described as a feminist with color or a black feminist. In summary, feminism purse equality between both sexes in society and womanism purse equality for black women in society. I hope you find this information helpful.

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Theology is a crucial discipline dealing with the divine or god/gods. It is an educational self-discipline, usually within colleges, seminaries, as well as colleges associated with divinity. More to the point, Theology may be the crucial research from the character from the divine. It's trained being an educational self-discipline, usually within colleges, seminaries, as well as colleges associated with divinity. Theology may be carried out to assist the actual theologian much better realize Religious tenets, to create evaluations in between Christianity along with other customs.

Belief is to protect Christianity towards arguments as well as critique, to help reforms within the Religious chapel. And to promote the distribution associated with Christianity, to pull about the assets from the Religious custom to deal with a few existing scenario or even require, or also about some additional factors.

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Understanding of Lord is produced mainly through character. Organic theology locations great increased exposure to cause as well as the viewpoint. Knowledge of Lord that is provided primarily in the Holy Bible. The actual framework is frequently organized close to main occasions of individuals associated with Bible (e. grams., Theology associated with Earlier Israel, Theology from the Prophets, Theology within Psalms, Theology associated with John, and so on. ). Understanding of Lord that hails from learning the actual improvement associated with suggestions with time. Knowledge of Lord that efforts to add as well as mix all the theological resources over.

Understanding of Lord which include everything above, however by having an increased exposure of individuals theories as well as suggestions that have the respected seal of approval associated with authorization in the chapel.

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