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Theatre Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Drama is an ancient word which connotes the representation of an idea through the use of dialogue and action. It is a simple act of presenting a storyline with the activities of many actors and actresses to fit into a particular character and convey the necessary information to people or viewers. Drama can be used to represent ideas that are not really into something that people would like, as such, it requires the use of materials and resources like costumes, dressings, visual effects, and sound effects to depict a particular story.

Drama is usually acted on the stage. Melodrama, on the other hand, is a particular type of drama. It is a type of drama which usually comes with a musical accompaniment to intensify the effect of certain scenes. This involves the use of mind-blowing actions that are capable of affecting the feelings and emotions of the viewers. For example, a kind of complex music can be played together with a scene that shows two people physically assaulting themselves.

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The correct answer is option D
Gilda died at the end of Rigoletto. Sparafucile (a hired assassin) agrees to kill anyone who comes to his door to knock before midnight and if no one comes the Duke will die. Gilda sacrifice herself. She knocks on the door of Sparafucile and she was stabbed by Sparafucile.

Rigoletto (Gilda’s father) was the one that hired Sparafucile and he was planning to kill the Duke. Sparafucile wraps her body in a rug and drops it through a trap door to Rigoletto. Rigoletto paddles to the river to dispose the body only to unwrap to rug and discovers his almost dead daughter. Gilda eventually dies.

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Rehearsals are important to achieve the perfect result when performing the final take. They ensure that everything goes smoothly and any unforeseen problems are caught beforehand. Rehearsals also have a theme and a proper manner. In the correct order, first you have to do block rehearsal.

Then you have to perform tech rehearsals so that everything is working in order. After that, you need to ascertain if the dresses are functioning. This is done in a dress rehearsal. This helps overcome any possible mishaps and minimizes problems so that the final run is perfect. Many professionals follow this routine to avoid problems.

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