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Theatre Questions and Answers (Q&A)

J. Lautner, Product Manager
Answered: Aug 06, 2019
Drama is an ancient word which connotes the representation of an idea through the use of dialogue and action. It is a simple act of presenting a storyline with the activities of many actors and...Read More

3 Answers

T. Moore, Writer
Answered: Mar 07, 2019
The correct answer is option D
Gilda died at the end of Rigoletto. Sparafucile (a hired assassin) agrees to kill anyone who comes to his door to knock before midnight and if no one comes...Read More

2 Answers

E. Stanley, Technical writer
Answered: Jul 17, 2018
Rehearsals are important to achieve the perfect result when performing the final take. They ensure that everything goes smoothly and any unforeseen problems are caught beforehand. Rehearsals also...Read More

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