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D. No teacher is allowed to vote especially if one of the candidates is his relative

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The Thomasites are letter B. They are the religious order involved in the education system in the Philippines. They were interested in teaching the Filipino children to read and to write. There is now a school now where this was first done called University of Santo Tomas.

This is known to be one of the best schools in the country. They do not just allow anyone to enter the school. There are only a chosen few who are allowed to enter and they have to abide by the rules stated by the school. The school still has very strong Catholic roots and have rules that are considered to be a bit conservative in modern times.

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ARTICLE 1. Section 2 of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers states: This Code covers all public and private school teachers in all educational institutions at the preschool, primary, elementary, and secondary levels whether academic, vocational, special, technical, or non-formal. The term teacher shall include industrial arts or vocational teachers and all other persons performing supervisory and /or administrative functions in all school at the aforesaid levels, whether on full time or part-time basis.

The only group not covered in this list is tertiary teachers—those that teach at any level after high school—including those that teach students pursuing an associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree.

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No answers mam no answers

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