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1) Ruby's knife

2) Demon bomb

3) Hex bag (as used by Rowena in Season 10 Episode 7 'Girls, Girls, Girls')

4) An angel's blade

5) An angel's touch

5 Answers

The only thing I would like to point out is that it's "Apocalypse" and not Apocolypse.

2 Answers

Why is this a question? How is it wrong? I clicked a girl and it said incorrect, but all answer had a green checkmark.

2 Answers

John did die in season 2. He sold his soul to save Dean

2 Answers

Catching their killer and putting them in jail
Salting and burning their body

1 Answer

Can alter human perception
Can only be seen by those about to be taken by them
Can take or give life to anyone

1 Answer

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