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My preferred subjects in school were English and Literature. English is a subject that helped bring out my strengths as a writer, which is my chosen profession. The other important part of English is articulating yourself through the written word fluently and coherently. That is what makes it the most enjoyable subject in school.

English is the building block of all other topics because without your understanding of English, how could you read that math problem and understand how to solve it? All subjects require knowledge of the English language.

Literature is also an enjoyable subject in school, and I remember reading individual books and being enthusiastic about them. I loved “Tom Sawyer,” “Lord of the Flies,” “1984,” and “Tuesdays with Morrie.” Once again, without a good understanding of the English language, you could not appreciate a good book!

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You should clarify if it is a simple or complete predicate cause the simple predicate it 'Tripped'

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I saw the man who will be our new teacher.

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Fundamentally, a plantation is a large farm or estate, especially in a tropical or semi-tropical region, on which cotton, tobacco, coffee, sugar cane, and the like are cultivated usually, resident laborers.

A plantation is an international planting of the crop, on a larger scale, often for uses other than cereal production or pasture. A plantation is an estate, land, extensive landed property retained by the owner for his use.

A plantation is invariably a monoculture over a large area and does not include considerable naturally prevailing stands of plants that have economic value. A plantation takes the upper hand of economies of scale.

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Good for you, I wish I could ride in a limo

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