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The correct answer to this question is Canada. It is the second largest country in the world, with almost 10 million kilometers of land. In 1982, they gained their independence and became a country. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories. They are a bilingual country, speaking two main languages, which are English and French.

Canada also holds many superalitves including being the most friendilest, most apologetic, and one of the best educated countries, for they hold a literacy rate of 99%.. They also have the greatest quality of life in the word and they are ranked as the best place to raise a family.

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Canada is the answer to this question. There are a lot of people who wish to visit Canada not only because of the beautiful tourist destinations that they can offer but generally because of the type of environment that can be found in the country. This has ten provinces and three territories that stem from the Atlantic but will be able to reach up to the Pacific.

This is actually quite a large country wherein it comes to the total area that it covers. Some of the places that people visit are usually Vancouver and Toronto but it has a lot of other places that people can visit and discover. Canada is known for maple syrup and hockey but there are also some people who know that Canada can become brutally cold during the winter time.

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