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State Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are two states in the Southern region of India. There are a lot of differences between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The two states differ from each other in the areas of culture, political activities, economy, education and many others. One of the few common things between the two states is their language. The first difference will be on their respective cultures. In terms of culture, Andhra Pradesh pradesh has cultural activities that are well known and practiced than cultural activities from Telangana.

Andhra people cherish their music, art works and literature so much. Another distinguishing factor is their economies. Andhra has a stronger economy than Telangana, probably because, most Andhra people are business oriented and they love showcasing their skills. However, when it comes to the area of agriculture. Andhra Pradesh is no match with Telangana. This means, agricultural activities are one of the commonest things about Telangana

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The State is a small political territory that adds up to make a federation as in the US. The Commonwealth, which is an old name for a state. Both states and Commonwealth possess the same functions. A state is a small political territory made to make governing of a country more manageable.

States are made up of a federation, and they have their governments. All states adhere to the central government or federal government. States only intervene when the way of ruling or law created goes against for which the United States stands.

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There are some people who are not aware that India is actually separated into different states. Two of the main states in India are Punjab and Kerala. Punjab is known to be located in the northwestern area of India. Kerala is located in the southern part of India. The Dravidian people live in the Kerala state while the Sikh usually live in Punjab.

Kerala was established earlier than Punjab. It was only after ten years that the state of Punjab was established in India. There may be some differences with the way that they live. A lot of people usually go to Kerala in order to see some tourist destinations. India has a lot to offer, especially when people know the right places to visit.

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