Standardized Test Questions and Answers

Best friends forever are people that you come to know through life. They can become so entangled in your life that you get to know them completely. Of course, different people have different ...

2 Answers

Re-evaluate the strategies and expected outcomes of the on-task objective.

Answer A: Evaluating strategies and reconsidering outcomes addresses the unmet objective and leads to ...

1 Answer

Conduct a music therapy in-service for the facility staff and encourage referrals.

Answer A: Conducting an in-service would be efficient and provide the face-to-face contact necessary for ...

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Answer D: A7 is the secondary dominant-seventh of V in G major,and the dominant-seventh of D major, the most direct transition to the new key.

1 Answer

Discuss the client s feelings toward God.

Discussing the clients feelings allows the client to express belief systems and feelings that could then be explored musically in the session.

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