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Standardized Test Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Multiple answers are correct. You can have shingles recur as well.

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Best friends forever are people that you come to know through life. They can become so entangled in your life that you get to know them completely. Of course, different people have different preferences. However, if my best friend forever ever had any wishes, she would wish for no homework. This is because she hates doing it and would be rather doing anything else in the world.

Other people have different friends who could wish for something else. This is what my friend would wish for as I know her very well. There are some great choices they can chose from as well, but she would still stick with no homework.

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As in 2- fibromyalgia does improve with being physically active

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Measles patients develope a rash from the virus but how is it considered a chronic skin disease? When the virus is done the rash disappears. Chronoic is long term such as rosacea, psoriosis, eczema.

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Too much sodium in diet is not a risk factor for pancreatic cancer but poses the threat of stroke, kidney stones, heart failure, osteoporosis or enlarged heart muscle. Our pancreas has two main functions – to help with digestion and to regulate our blood sugar. There are many pancreatic cancer risk factors such as age, gender, race, stomach problems, cirrhosis of the liver and physical inactivity, but for this purpose we are going to talk about three common risk factors:

1. Cigarette smoking, alcohol and a diet high in butter fat or meats because according to several studies, about 20% to 30% of pancreatic cancers are caused by smoking, heavy drinking and diets that are high in butter fat and processed meats;

2. Obesity is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer because it is found out that people who are overweight are 20% more likely to develop this cancer than those who are not; and

3. Family history is also considered to be a risk factor because pancreatic cancer runs in some families and due to inherited genetic syndrome such as familial pancreatitis, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome and hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome.

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