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"After one or two warnings, a referee can award a technical foul for not waiting for the score to be announced or for constant questioning of a referees call and a point awarded to the other team." This says nothing about players being told to swap sides. The answer to the question is FALSE.

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Sports in the United States are a significant part of American culture. Football, baseball, ice hockey, and basketball are the top four. All four sports have a wide range of domestic media coverage, and they are the prominent leagues in their respective sports in the world.


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My preferred subjects in school were English and Literature. English is a subject that helped bring out my strengths as a writer, which is my chosen profession. The other important part of English is articulating yourself through the written word fluently and coherently. That is what makes it...

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Wave off the goal, and award an indirect kick to the Raiders from the spot Noah touched the ball the second time.

Law 13 - If on a free kick, after the ball is in play, the kicker touches the ball again before it has touched another player: An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing...

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Foot Fault

Rule 39(a)1 (a) Foot Faults. A foot fault results when: 1. At the start of or during the service motion, any part of the server (or doubles partner), including the racquet, touches the floor outside of the service zone.

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The sport in which competitors jump from a runway to sand, they have three attempts, and the farthest jump is taken into consideration, is called distance jumping.

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The movement of the body will not be understood if you do not know the various anatomical planes. The three anatomical planes that are involved in the body’s movement are the following: sagittal, frontal, and transverse.

The anatomical planes have been created solely to help...

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I enjoy watching football on television the most. There is just something about the sport that makes me keep my eyes peeled the whole time. The games are often long and the goals usually occur 10 minutes or more after the game has started.

There are even times when goals do not occur....

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Two Point position is just another name for jumping position. It is called "two point" because all your weight is on two points: your left foot and your right foot.

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