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Spanish Questions and Answers (Q&A)

This needs to be fixed because according to my prior knowledge, letter A makes the "Ah" sound. Not the letter E, which makes the 'eh" sound.

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There is nothing that is as frustrating as when you are trying to learn a different language entirely, especially languages like Spanish. Aquel and Ese are two types of demonstrative pronouns; both are used to refer to something distant. While both might sound like when you are using the word 'that' in the English language, there are some differences between the two. The major difference between Aquel and Ese is actually about their usage when they are pointing to a subject.

Invariably, the closeness of an object to you will determine whether you are to use aquel or ese. Aquel is used to refer to an object standing very far to your position, while ese is used to describe objects at a close range. For example, you have two balls in your room, and one is more closer to you than the other, then you use 'ese' for the one that is closer to you, while you use aquel for the other.

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Hispanic and Spanish are two words referring to different groups of people. Though the people they refer to and their meanings have changed over time, both words are still used prominently today. Hispanic originally referred to the people from Hispania or the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish originally referred to anything from the country of Spain. Today, their meanings are different, with Hispanic referring to people who speak Spanish and the term is mainly referred to those in the United States.

Today Spanish has expanded to refer to the culture, food, and people from Spain. The origin of the words also differ. Hispanic's origin is Latin, and the word Spanish is originated from Spain.

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This anwser is wrong, the correct anwser is el otono.

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Then what is "lo".... ? Damelo= give it to me?

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