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Soil Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A grower is invested in the business of cultivating the soil and producing flowers and vegetables and fruit. It is someone who harvests goods that come from the earth, which is not just edible items; it can also be textiles such as cotton. The grower can be someone who produces crops for themselves or commercially.

A shower can mean to give in abundance, or it may be a specific type of festivity in which individual gifts are lavishly given. It might be an event arranged for someone as a surprise. There is not too much of a connection between the two words except shower refers to someone lavishly pouring down blessings like rain which would help the grower.

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No access to plans. It is impossible to know the answer without the plans...

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It's clear. You can use a rotovator (rototilling) thinking you are going to improve the seedbed, but the true is that you are destroying all the aggregates, selecting the particles by size as you leave them on the bed, and help to create a hardpan on the soil. We need to work with nature that is much wiser than man, and there are roots able to break the hardpans and create a better soil structure.

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Clay soil is seen using is very is made up of very fine holds lots of has little air.

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