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Open Source software is a type of software whose source code can be gotten and used by anybody. Free Software, on the other hand, refers to software that can be gotten for free; that is, you didn't need to pay for it. Free software can also be called freeware. This is available to users for free so that they can also manipulate it into something else that can be gotten for free by another person. Free software is not actually free as it sounds because you must be able to agree with certain conditions specified by the maker.

In this way, we can say, free software is a bit stricter than open-source software because Open Source software grants you free access to its source code so that you can study it and use it for something else. With this explanation, it means we can classify Free software as Open source software, but Open source software may not always be classified as Free software

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Answers are: Create all test data before calling the Test. startTest () and Test .stopTest () methods. Use the runAs ( ) method to test the application in different user contexts.

Test class best practises says not to just leave the empty catch block.

  • Always handle all exceptions that are caught, instead of merely catching the exceptions.

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A good cloud management software helps your company store, organize, and share information on cloud. It helps ensure all cloud computing resources are effective and being used and shared by those that need them. You will find a plethora of cloud management software products online, but the best one is Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager.

This software securely manages user-owned mobile devices anywhere, it configures and support from a single console, it enables user with a self-service provisioning, it monitors the user’s devices, it tracks asset inventory, it enforces policy compliance, it manages access to company applications and content, and it enables users to receive real-time reports and alerts.

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Most times you see people using both software and program interchangeably. The truth is, although both words a little bit of similarities but they are not totally the same. Software can be seen as a general term which can used to represent data, programs and different types of files that are needed for the accomplishment of a particular task by a computer or other devices like smartphone.

A program, on the other hand, can be defined as a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task. If we look at it this way, you can also say a program is also a software. This means a program is also an example of a software. Another difference is that, when you are building up a particular software for a particular purpose, you deliver it as software and not program, although the software is made up of a lot of programs

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The first significant difference between PDF and PDF/A is the o888099 restrictions when it comes to specific types of content. You cannot implant audio, video, and executable files in a PDF/A since the PDF viewer would not open those on its own. There is no way to foresee if the proper software for them will be obtainable in the future.

Pictures are enabled in a PDF/A document given that they are embedded, along with the fonts to be used in interpreting the texts. PDF/A does not permit the file to reference any outside resource as there is no telling whether that resource would be available. PDF/A files cannot be encrypted. PDF/A does not permit audio, video, and executable content while PDF does

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Many companies have websites and they want to have their information in Salesforce to connect to their website pages. It is important to have the websites accessed by as many people as possible, then it would be beneficial for exposure when people use a search engine to find something related to what the company is selling. If a developer created a page in Visualforce of the Salesforce program, then they may have a custom controller to navigate it to an external website which could be their own site or a backlink.

To access it, the command button can be pressed. The best recommended way to test to make sure this works is to get URLU on the rest of the action method and System.assert equals to compare the resulting URL.

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Apex is a computer language that is like some of the more well-known languages including Java and C. It is different because it has dots and curly brackets in their language. This allows the computer user to develop software programming which must be made with a computer language. Static methods are used in Java when there is no objective stated or listed.

In Salesforce, the class would be considered to be global due to using the web service called SOAP. If you are wanting to request and use a payload format in Salesforce so that it can be received by a static method in a global Apex class and that it uses the web service keyword, it would have to be SOAP/XMIL.

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CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management". As the name itself suggest CRM software is a use of technology, tactics, strategy, practice that different company uses to manage customer interaction, data, relationship. Customers are the one who provides value to every business. CRM software helps multiple businesses to manage everything related to customers easily and effectively thus, in turn, provide the best service to the customers with best practices and helps in business growth. The requirements of CRM software depends on the type of business/industry you belong to but there are some basic requirements that every CRM software should be able to provide. Best CRM Software should meet the following basic but very important features:

  • Manage and synchronize all customer-related data efficiently
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to access
  • Provide multichannel support
  • Provide valuable analytics for decision making
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Provide follow up tracking
  • Provide reminders/alerts

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GPL is the short form of General Public License. It is a generally used software license. It allows free access to the software by any user. This implies that with the General Public License (GPL), any user can employ the learning, studying, and sharing of the software. A member first wrote it of Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman specifically for a project and it gives a user of this software program the free access to the loose software definition.

LGPL is a Lesser General Public License. LGPL is less restrictive and only requires you to share the source code of the work based on the LGPL license components while GPL requires you to provide code for all entire work. GPL is the basis for a program in open source software while LGPL is for software libraries. GPL gives wide access to a range of potential improvement in the programming community. GPL is generally used compared to LGPL.

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Quicken and QuickBooks are two examples of accounting software that help in making proper records of businesses. Both are designed in such a way that they are unique in their functions. However, there are some differences between them. First of all, in terms of features, Quicken has fewer features compared to QuickBooks, and for this reason, it is very easy to learn and use Quicken than QuickBook. The fewer features of Quicken make it very suitable for personal use and small businesses.

QuickBook, on the other hand, has more additional features compared to Quicken. Although it is very difficult to learn and use it is more suitable for large scale businesses compared to Quicken. As you would expect, QuickBook comes at a higher price compared to Quicken. Another feature is that QuickBook has a special feature for customer service, this helps businesses to keep track of customers and their complaints

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