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Situational Judgement Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If your evaluation has suggested that you are not speaking clearly enough to customers, there may be a workshop that will focus upon clarity of communication and if so it would be the best solution to take it. However, a helpful and objective friend could advise you whether you are making yourself clear. Firstly they must ask you a suitable customer-related question. When you answer, have you understood exactly why the customer is asking that question? Consider then exactly what they need to be told. If this is lengthy or complex, such as detailed instructions, do you need to write any of it down, is a map necessary?

Your listening friend might tell you that your diction is unclear. If this is a real problem, then speech therapy may be necessary. Otherwise it is probably a matter of your organising information, and telling it to the customer in short, separated 'bites' of information, not a muddled and lengthy explanation that might confuse them.

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1.Complete the job as you have been instructed, using what you remember from training to help you.

2. Ask if a co-worker can help you at the beginning of your shift in case you have any questions.

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1.Ask the supervisor to request that Veronica leave the meeting.

2. Tell Veronica that because of her talking on the phone, you are having difficulty hearing that the supervisor is saying.

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Propose that the drivers split the tips equally so that it is in everybody s best interest to make as many deliveries as possible.
Speed on your way to make the deliveries so that you can try to make more deliveries.

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  1. Calmy explain that the restrooms are not your problem.
  2. Apologize to the customer and tell another waiter to take care of it.

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