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This is an example of personification. Certainly, the subject to this statement is the child's class (or glass) that "galloped." Assuming that class meant glass, this is personification.

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Metaphor...obviously. This is because it is comparing two objects (not anything nature) and does not use the word like or as.

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Simile is used when the author wants to simply make a comparison. They use like or as to do this. “Red as a rose” is often used to describe a woman’s lips, while “strong as an ox” is a good quality for a prince to have. A simile describes a trait that someone has,...Read More

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You could. It wouldn’t be the best thing to do, though. Simile and metaphor work in very different ways. There is a time when a simile is useful, and times when a metaphor would be useful. Putting them in the same sentence is overkill. It’s like trying to tell someone they’re...Read More

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Its m because the sentence didn't use like or as in it. to become a simile it has to have like or as in it

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A heart can not sputter only humans can so we are adding a human quality in the heart it should be a personification

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