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Sheep Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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A sheep is in the class mammalia, so it is a mammal. The domestic sheep is the most populous of the sheep species, and there is a good reason. Sheep are often used as a way to get wool for yarn and fabric. The meat is also considered to be a well-loved dish - with mutton from an older sheep and...Read More

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The first step of tipping a sheep is to stand to the side of the sheep. Turn the sheep’s nose away from you and right around as if it was trying to reach a spot on its back just behind the shoulder. As soon as you bring the nose around, you will feel the weight of the sheep lean against...Read More

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The Navajo Churro is the oldest sheep. More than four hundred years ago the first sheep were brought into the Southwest by Don Juan Onate. The fact that these sheep still exist today is a testimony to their endurance and endearment. No other sheep population in the history of the world has...Read More

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