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The correct answer is option A – Email – to- case

Email – to case and on demand email- to - case are the only two options that meet the requirement of submitting cases via email and other option do cannot submit cases via email.

Email – to – case can support inquiries of emails and attachment greater than 20 MB. Though it can only support 2,500 emails.

Demand – email – to – case can support 10,000 emails but it does not support attachment larger than 10 MB.

There email – to – case is the most preferred option.

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I think a "daily" report is not so exaustive, and UC want to see the escalation rate, not the case list.
The correct answer for me it's:

D. Create a case report with a custom summary formula to calculate the percentage of escalated cases.

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Over 10,000 inquiries per day has exceeded the Email-to-Case maximum number 2,500 of emails converted to case each day. The correct answer is not On-Demand Email-to-Case?

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This answer is incorrect. It is on demand email to case. Email -to-case only supports 2,500 inquiries per day, whereas on demand is 1,000 X each user license (up to 1 million a day). Correct Answer SHOULD be On-Demand Email-to-Case.

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Per H&T (

email to case has a cap of2,500 emails that can be converted to cases each day.

I guess the clarification would be do all of those inquiries get converted to cases? If so, on demand email to case might be a better option because it is based on the of user licenses 1000.

(Number of user licenses multiplied by 1,000, up to a daily maximum of 1,000,000)

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The following prerequisites apply to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience:

  • Make sure that the record page you want to use macros with includes a publisher, like the Chatter component, and the actions you want to use, like Email or Log a Call. To customize the page layout, edit the page in Setup.
  • Add the Macros widget or utility to the app.

    In Salesforce Classic, add the Macros widget to the app from the Apps page in Setup. Look for the Choose Custom Console Components section and add the widget there.

    In Lightning Experience, add the Macros utility to the app from the App Manager in Setup.

  • Users must have the appropriate user permissions to create and run macros
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B is the answer to this question. There is a need to install Salesforce for Facebook and Twitter because these are the two social media websites that the business would like to focus on. Social media can obviously help different companies become known.

The more that people will check the social media sites and look at the accounts, the higher the chances that the company will become more familiar to its target market. By doing this, it can be easier for people to voice out of they have some issues with the company’s product and services. The faster that companies will be able to react to what people need, the better the services that they can give.

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