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The term prisoner or inmate describes someone robbed of their liberty or freedom against their will and jailed due to forcible restraints and incarceration. This term is mainly used for people who are serving a sentence or who are in prison. A judge sentencing a person to confinement and the...Read More

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Where do they mention the name greyhound? If the name was there for a breed name the answer would have been different.

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Jeniffer Reyes
1. Since we now have another child, my salary really isn t enough for our family.
2. The commute is very long, and I would like to spend more time with my family.

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The correct answers are:

B. Last year, two children were injured while crossing that street.


C. Cars are always speeding down that avenue.

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Cure-you initially detect the conjunciton and which adds information in a positive way. additionally, you want to do a quick recognition of your sentence elements. you will find the [subject] and [verb] are in their correct place. option a is eliminated because we dont need another subject/verb...Read More

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