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ISIN is the short form of International Securities Identification Number, while CUSIP is the short form of Committee on Uniform Security Identification Purposes. Both ISIN and CUSIP are in the form of codes that are used for securities to facilitate trade clearing and settlement. Let's look at the differences between the two.

ISIN is a security code that is used in most parts of the world, especially in Europe. It consists of 12 alphanumeric characters. The first two letters of the code are serving as the country code, the next nine alphanumeric characters stand for the national security identifier, followed by the twelfth digit. CUSIP, on the other hand, is also serving as securities for trade clearing and settlement in North America.

The difference here is that CUSIP contains just nine alphanumeric characters. The first six digits of the code represent the issuer; the following two characters represent the issue and the last one represents the check digit.

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CBI is the acronym for Central Bureau Investigation Agency of India. NIA is the acronym for National Investigation Agency of India. One of the fundamental variances involving CBI and NIA is that CBI is an agency in India and its role as a criminal investigation body, intelligence agency, and national security agency.

NIA is a new federal agency accepted by the government of India, and its justification is to diminish terrorism. CBI and NIA are two of the Indian Government organizations responsible for the protection and security of India and its people. CBI was established in 1963, and NIA, on the other hand, was established in 2008 after the Mumbai terror attack.

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McAfee is one of the better- known computer protection companies. One of the main features is that total Protection has wireless network protection. Wireless Protection is meant for people who typically use Wi-Fi in public places such as airports and coffee shops.

Full Protection secures your computer so that no one can gain access to it. Another protective feature in total Protection is anti-phishing. The anti-phishing feature protects users from malicious sites. These sites impersonate legitimate websites to obtain personal information, including credit card numbers.

Complete Protection has safe URL sharing, while internet security doesn't. Total Protection also has twice the capacity than internet security for online back-up. The higher the capacity, the more back-up you have for files online.

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When an organization sell new stocks to the investing public for the first time this is known as Initial Public Offering (IPO), this is mostly done through an investment bank or finance syndicate of securities dealers.

When an organization offers new stocks to the public, stocks that has not been sold before, this is known as primary issue stock.

In a situation whereby the organization has already raised an IPO and want to raise more funds by offering more shares, these shares will be categorized as Non IPO shares.
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A dealer is normally employed by a financial concern and is paid to arrange the sale and purchase of shares or bonds. These high-earning individuals are valued for their skill in predicting market trends and the movement of share prices. An agent is not of the same calibre, only acting as an intermediary between the person who wishes to buy or sell and the owner of the fund in question.

An agent may give advice, and if so, will be paid for doing so. A dealer would not normally give advice but confine himself to conducting the transaction...but often at the time he judges most opportune.

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Term life insurance is a term policy where the premium cover lasts for the chosen term only.

The whole life insurance is a policy lasts for whole life permanently for a lifetime.

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In every company security is vital and with everything now on file in computer systems, data control is paramount. Whether a certain individual can access one part or all of the data s/he seeks comes down to control of identity. Lanyards are the norm in even small organisations for access to the building itself, but in the IT system that holds all the company data, it is essential to develop identification implementation strategies.

Increasingly there is sophisticated software produced for companies to use for this, using such concepts as privacy-preserving, minimal disclosure, zero-knowledge proofs, and so on. In sales environments, a MyDomain may suffice to allow salesforce to access full entry, with a different sub-domain, clients may access the website main features. Any strategy for ensuring identity is what it seems, is an implementation.

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