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Samsung Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I. Woods
Answered: Aug 16, 2019
You may not be familiar with Samsung Intensity and Samsung Intensity II because these are phones that have been released a long time ago. The display size of both phones are still very small, but...Read More

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H. Martin, Content Writer
Answered: Apr 08, 2020
There are a lot of people who were confused when the Galaxy SII and Nexus were released. People were wondering which one they would get or if there were differences between the two. The Nexus had...Read More

1 Answer

S. Hughes
Answered: May 19, 2020
The LG smart tv uses a virtual keyboard while the Samsung smart tv utilizes a real keyboard that integrates with the remote. The LG smart tv can be acquired through an upgrade, while the Samsung...Read More

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