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Correct answer should be: Before Trigger, Validation Rules, After Trigger.....

Because it mentions that "Saving a record", so user-defined validation rules won't execute before "before triggers".

Before "before triggers", salesforce runs user-defined validation rules if multiline items were created, such as quote line items and opportunity line items.

After "after triggers", salesforce runs any user-defined validation rules.

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There are two correct answers that are available for this question. The first thing that you have to do is to select the update and type add only. After that, you can ensure that the data extension contains a primary key to be sure that only the new data will be added during the import process.

You can already imagine what will happen if all of the data will be imported. This would result in some data becoming mixed. Some may not be overwritten, and it will be more challenging to remove the duplicated data. It will also make the data harder to analyze and understand.

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A sender profile is where you determine the from-information for a send in a focal area. The sender profile reuses that information over numerous sends, without expecting to choose it each time.

A sender profile in Email Studio indicates the From information for a send in a focal area and reuses that information over various sends without requiring choice each time. The sender profile contains the name and address that the message gives off an impression of being from in the subscriber's email customer.

Select a sender profile when you make a send arrangement. You can supersede the sender profile on the send order when you incorporate the send characterization in a message connection.

When you make a sender profile, pick a client from your account. The system gets the name and email address from the client profile to use as the From information in the email send. You can likewise enter a From name and email address, which don't need to show up on a client profile.

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A is the answer to this question. This is one of the methods used in order to list down different subscriber information, which is sometimes needed to make sure that the different subscribers can also be placed in separate groups. It should be remembered that not all subscribers will like different things. There are some that may want other specific items, and they can all be placed in one group.

A mailing list can be very useful when the same content is sent to people who have different addresses. There are two types of lists that may be created. Different people from different lists may get different emails depending on what they expect to get.

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The main benefit of using the cloud portal is letter D. The portal and its users can be created without additional licensing. This section that is usually placed in the website will also enable businesses to provide information to each other in a more secure manner.

For example, if credit invoices would need to be submitted, then they will be made available that way. The credit status of different individuals can also be passed on through this portal. Since the information about customers can be passed on easily, it allows the business to increase the overall customer satisfaction of their loyal patrons. This can also be used by customers in order to try resolving their issues.

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According to Salesforce: "A responsive layout uses a piece of CSS3 code called a media query to detect the pixel size of the screen on which the email is opened. Based on the screen size detected, multiple stylesheets may be triggered to alter the layout and best respond to a particular screen size."

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Answer will be 2 and 4 if we have to choose 2

Changing to Picklist (Multi-Select) from any other type

Currently, defined picklist values are retained when you change a picklist to a multi-select picklist. If records contain values that are not in the picklist definition, those values will be deleted from those records when the data type changes.

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The answer to this is A. It can be challenging to take down notes about the different app exchanges for product pricing but this is always possible with the use of Custom-App Exchange for product pricing. This will make it possible to charge various prices for the different items that will be made available to people.

This is very helpful because you can create a customized app store that will make it easy to distribute the prices to all those who need to know more about it. It can be safe to say that this is one of the apps that you should look into right now when you want to make some pricing specifications for your different items.

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Comma- If you choose this file type, the value that you enter in the File Naming field must have a .CSV extension.

Tab- If you choose this file type, the value that you enter in the File Naming field must have a .TXT extension.

Other- If you choose this file type, you must enter a 1-character delimiter in the Other Delimiter field.

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