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Road Questions and Answers (Q&A)

S. Barnes

Driving down to Knowledge town

Road and rode are two words with the same sounds; they are pronounced the same way. This types of words are referred to as homophones. Homophones are words that are pronounced exactly the same way, but they differ in terms of spelling and meaning. Road and rode do not have the same spelling nor the same meaning, but they sound the same way. We are familiar with the word ''Road'' and what it means.

The road simply a way or channel used for traveling between places, the type that can be used by foot passengers, vehicles and other land automobiles. The road can also be used to give another interpretation. Figuratively, it can be used to mean a path chosen in life. For example my road to success cannot be clearly understood by people. Rode, on the other hand, is the past tense of the word 'ride' which means to transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, it can also be used for a bicycle. Figuratively, it also means to criticize someone.

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