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Revolution Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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There was strong hate for Catholicism in the leaders of the Revolution because the Catholic Church represented what they hated. At that time, the leaders of Revolution were against the leadership and monarchy at the time. The aristocracy, the rich and the powerful had long been...Read More

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Reform and revolution are known to be two different terms. When you say reform this means that you are going to make some changes to what is already set. Revolution means that the current laws will completely be removed and will be replaced with something new. With reform, the changes that are...Read More

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One consequence of the British and American victory in the French and Indian War was that a new spirit of independence arose, as the French threat disappeared. The American didn't adopt several French customs. At the end of the war, the British took over Canada from France and Florida fro...Read More

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Thomas Paine is famous for writing Common Sense. This is a pamphlet written in 1775-76 advocating that the 13 colonies gain their independence from Great Britain. Paine put forth both moral and political arguments for encouraging common people to fight for the independence he believed...Read More

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R. Barnes

But Can you play this?

RPM is measured by "rotations per minute," while RCF is "relative centrifugal force." RPM signifies the number of revolutions a rotating object completes per minute while the RCF denotes the force applied on an object in a rotating environment. The RCF is calculated using the RPM and the...Read More

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But didn't the colnies want more money, thats why they made the tax higher

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