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Research Questions and Answers (Q&A)

C. State the problem and subproblems, note the research questions/hypotheses, note the assumptions, define the terms, note the delimitations.

This is the most near to correctness from the above choices, the ideal answer should be:

State the problem and subproblem, note th reserach questions/hypothese, define key terms, note the assumption, note the delimitations

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How does the organization of mathematical information in long-term memory differ between 3-year-olds and 13-year-olds?

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You’ve written a manuscript of a novel that you would like to submit for publishing. Your spouse offers to edit it. You realize that your spouse would not charge you anything and it would be handled carefully, not to offend you. Is this the best thing to do? Well, probably not. Thank your spouse, but determine what is the best type person to do this that would give your manuscript the best chance of being accepted for publication.

Would it be a colleague who is very familiar with your work? The problem there is that this person would not challenge your information. The colleague is too close and would not do the best at criticizing your work. You need someone who is the most objective and that would be a colleague who does not follow your work closely.

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Searching is the act of looking for an item at a place. Search does not lead to research, and it is only the beginning of the process that may end in the study. Research is the systematic process of analyzing information to establish facts and to come to new conclusions.

Searching is merely looking for something, but the analysis is much more complicated. Research involves the systematic gathering of information to be analyzed. Review and evaluation are considered to be integral parts of the process of researching something.

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The answer to this question is A. The review of the literature be curtailed when you are no longer finding new information or encountering any new ideas. This answer has to do with performing literature reviews. Literature reviews are often used in every science field but can also be used in other areas of study.

These reviews are done by reading all of the available material on whatever topic you are researching, creating a summary of all of the information, and writing a paper on the literature review. Literature reviews are usually about as long as a single science article you would find in a journal, but they are particularly tricky because you may have one sentence with dozens of citations.

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Research papers are written to show that the student can do extensive research on a topic and gather their thoughts into a paper. Usually the research paper provides proof to the teacher that you know the topic inside and out. Due to the extensive research at the library and online, there should be plenty of facts and evidence to support your claim or topic. In this manner, the student would appear as an expert.

Sometimes, research papers are written and published so that others can use the information that you gathered and wrote to be used for other writings. Experts on the topics are usually consulted when writing a research paper so that the student has plenty of facts to use.

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Dont write a book report. You're in college now (or almost), so your paper should be analytical, not informative. Analysis requires sythesis and interpretation which are important critical thinking skills.

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Colloquial phrases are those that are used in everyday language by everyday people. These sort of phrases can be used as effective tools to get through to more people with writing. Common people understand what is being said when colloquial phrases are being used because these are the same phrases that they are used to using in everyday speech.

These phrases can indeed enhance communication because they are something that everyone is familiar with. In addition they may not seem like it but these phrases can have a purpose even in series academic writing when they are used correctly.

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Leedy and Ormrod are the contributors to the textbook Practical Research Planning and Design. In chapter 2 of the book a nominal scale is defined. A nominal scale is a discrete classification of data. Instead of measuring data it groups them in distinct categories.

An example of a nominal scale would be a student’s course choices. This information could be correlated with school results. In addition to nominal scales one might hear of ordinal scales, interval scales, and ratio scales. Each scale has its own function. There is also a sub type of nominal scales that are referred to as dichotomous.

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Writing Research essays is a part of your study program. Your lecturers, no matter your discipline, will assign research essays that you will have to complete properly if you expect good grades.

Research Is Time Consuming

The first thing you need to know is that such essays are time-consuming and require a lot of effort. Therefore, you must have to pay close attention to your deadline and start your preparation as soon as possible.

The Topic

The most important part of the research essay is the topic. If you select the topic correctly, then the building of the essay flows. However, you need to ensure that you choose one that is not too narrow. This can make it difficult to find material to use. If it is too wide, you will find yourself overwhelmed with too much information. Then ensure you choose a topic that you find interesting. That's why it would be a really great idea to look for some best dissertation topic examples. This will motivate you to do the research. Once you have decided on the topic, you need to do the research now. Stay with sound sources, as your paper needs to reflect sound content well supported by reputable authorities. Use your university library, academic databases, and peer-reviewed journals. As you research and find relevant information, make notes, and keep the references. When you have gathered sufficient material, it is time to sort out where you are going.

Outline Your Research

Build an outline of your main points and lay them out in a way that the most important ones are listed first, and brief notes on what you will cover in the point. Each point will become a paragraph.

Structure Your Research Essay.

The way you structure your research paper is very important. It must have definite sections to it:


The introduction serves two purposes. First, you can give a brief background or context to your topic. Second, it is where you state your research question. This is usually the last sentence of your introduction.

The Body

The body of the research essay is the main part. You must look at your topic and ask yourself, "What issues must I cover in order to answer my research question?" It is where you lay out the results of your research. Each idea should have its own paragraph, which should include supporting evidence, and when necessary, this must be properly cited. It is essential the paragraphs have a logical flow and transition well.

The Conclusion

This paragraph must be carefully written. In it, you must summarize your points made in your body and show how it answers your research question. Do not introduce new information here as

It is only to summarize your research.

Finishing Your Essay

Once you have the paper written, you now need to do the following: Ensure each paragraph supports the research question, check that the paper is properly cited and formatted. Then spell check it, check the grammar and punctuation.

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