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Relationship Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Love and sex are two things that show the level of intimacy between two people of the opposite sex. However, the relationship is not only about love and sex. Love is an intense feeling of affection towards another person. Although love is actually what brings two lovers together, the...Read More

6 Answers

Women are more in tune with their emotions and therefore 'feel' many emotions more strongly than men in a given moment. While many women feel insecure in a reletationship, others may feel very secure. Men on the other hand are less in tune with their emotions and more likely to answer 'I don't...Read More

5 Answers

Getting over a breakup is not always an easy thing. At times you find yourself practically incapacitated to function properly just because you haven't gotten over your ex, especially those memories both of you had in the relationship. So how do you get over a breakup? I believe the steps I'm...Read More

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Dating and seeing someone might seem like, as the same actions are being taken but with different intentions. One major thing that differentiates between these two terms is the intention. The intention of someone just going to see someone is different from the intention of someone going on a...Read More

3 Answers

The hypothesis which is to be tested is the null hypothesis, whereas the alternative hypothesis offers an alternative to the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis is a statement in which there is no relationship between two variables. An alternative hypothesis is a statement in which there is...Read More

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Hug and Embrace are two action words. It will be very difficult to figure out the differences between the two words if you do not have an understanding of the usage of the words. Hug and embrace have almost the same meaning. Hug simply means to cling so tightly with som...Read More

3 Answers

Yes. Take note of the eye contact you have with your partner. If s/he is looking less at you, and less often straight into your eyes, take note. Are the little kind or helpful actions fewer than in the past? When you have any news, is s/he less inclined to sit and listen or discuss it with...Read More

3 Answers

If you like someone, chance are, you will be gaping at him or her every chance you get. After some time, the person either notices or some of her friends tell her about you staring. Naturally, she gazes back and you two make eye contact. Awkward! Well, if you like someone and keep staring at...Read More

2 Answers

It can be different depending on whoever is saying it, but I personally believe whenever you say you are “seeing someone,.” It merely means you are hanging out with a person exclusively. This means that even if you are not officially together, you see each other often. You are...Read More

2 Answers

A relationship is a relation of truth. You may think that you can hide your feelings and continue the relation even when you do not love him or her. However, this can lead to fights, depression and even cheating later on. A far better and fair option for your Boyfriend or girlfriend is to tell...Read More

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