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There are radios that use VHF (Very High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency). The major difference between them is the range of frequency which they use. VHF radios have been, far before and are quite cheaper than UHF radios. This makes the production and availability of the VHF radios to be higher than the UHF radios. VHF and UHF come with their pros and cons, which should be noted so as to make the right or suitable choice of choosing the better signal frequency for our radio needs.

VHF travels farther than UHF, but may not grant high bandwidth occupation like UHF. The Very High Frequency is usually for the radio FM transmitter, marine communications, long-range data communication, two-way land mobile radio systems, among others. VHF ranges from radio waves of 30 MHz to 300 MHz UHF, which is shorter in length measures about 12 to 24 inches.

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AM and FM are two famous means of sending information via the airwaves. AM stands for amplitude modulation, while FM stands for frequency modulation. Modulation is a means of modifying an aspect of the carrier frequency with respect to the information being transmitted. This, AM modifies the carrier frequency amplitude, while FM modifies the frequency. AM is older and easier to implement than FM. For AM, the receiver discovers the changes in the amplitude of the carrier frequency, and amplify or modify it to drive a speaker.

Though FM is more difficult to implement than AM, it offers a whole lot of substantial benefit than AM, and it is a technological development built over AM. The frequency modulation makes use of advanced logarithms to send two channels of information just at the same time. FM is ideal for music as it can transmit in stereo, though it does not have a long-range than like AM.

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Some people assume that the FM modulator and FM transmitter are the same but some differences will set one apart from the other. The FM transmitter will allow you to send your music over the airwaves. The FM modulator will make sure that the music will be placed directly on your car radio so that you can listen to the songs that you want.

One similarity between the two is they both send FM frequencies so that these can be checked and picked up by the antenna of your car radio. Having a full system is necessary to ensure that both of these items will work the way that they are supposed to.

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Operation normal should be used only when in the flight no check point (way point, vor or ndb), usually over water . In the new regulation (2016) the report should be sent every 15 minutes. Ton

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10-33 is an alarm, in general, noting with radio traffic. atleast to my agency is

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